Water Conditioners: Remedy Common Aquarium Problems
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Water Conditioners

Are you relying solely on emergency water changes as a common remedy for cloudy aquarium water or stressed fish? If so, consider the following aquarium water conditioners for a convenient, time-saving alternative to water changes.

Aquarium water conditioning products remedy undesirable conditions and also let you:

Quickly cycle your aquarium - Special Blend and Drs. Foster & Smith Live Nitrifying Bacteria help reduce overall cycle time (and the time inhabitants may be under stress) by boosting bacteria colonization and optimizing conditions for nitrifying bacteria.
Use new water immediately - Products like Stress Coat and Drs. Foster & Smith Chlorine Neutralizer instantly remove contaminants like chlorine and chloramines from tap water, making it safe for aquarium use.
Remedy dangerous ammonia spikes - Water conditioners such as AmQuel+ and Drs. Foster & Smith ® Instant Ammonia Remover detoxify ammonia spikes resulting from adding too many fish, overfeeding, or lapses in biological filtration.
Quickly clear up cloudy water - A water clarifier like Pro-Clear or Dr Tim's Clear-Up Natural Water Clarifier, binds suspended particulate matter and allows the mechanical filter media to trap and remove them from the water column.

Water conditioners have simplified aquarium maintenance considerably over the years. These convenient products offer a "quick fix" to many of the imbalances that can and do occur in aquariums. Remember, though, for the best health of your fish and aquarium, regular water changes are essential even if you use conditioners.