Bird Habitat Enrichment Tips to Eliminate Boredom
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Beat Boredom
String & Burl Bundles Talk 'N Play Bird Toy San Francisco Bay Instant Treats Super Shredder Balls
This season, you and your bird can have so much fun, you'll forget all about the weather. Keep cabin fever away by changing up his routine, "redecorating" his cage, and adding birdfriendly enhancements to your home.

Small daily changes, big long-term effect
Easily add new fun and excitement to your bird's daily routine. Surprise him with an assortment of new treats as rewards for good behavior (be sure not to overfeed). Candy Cones and Instant Treats quickly brighten up any dull day. Bird Bread and requires simple preparation, providing a fun activity for you and a tasty snack for your bird.

You might also work more intensively with your bird if you wish to teach him to talk. The Talk 'N Play may help by giving him regular (and fun!) reinforcement.

Redecorate to rejuvenate
Spruce up your bird's cage and boost his energy, mood, and level of interaction. Add new toys to his cage or playstand - consider something he's never tried, plus an old favorite. Super Shredder Balls and Educational Toys offer hours of boredom- busting entertainment. If foraging is a favorite activity, try a Colossal Foraging Toy. If shredding is your bird's passion, a pinata can make even the dreariest day a fiesta!

Haven't yet tried building your own bird toys? Why not spend an afternoon creating something new! See our article on Build-Your-Own Bird Toys.

Boost the fun throughout your home
Take time to make your home more accommodating for your feathered friend. Play gyms and portable perches offer exhilarating changes of scenery (just do not place them in cold locations). The wheeled Black Parrot Playpen lets him play and relax in any room. The Shower/Window Perch instantly turns your shower stall into a birdie spa.