Hummingbird Feeders: Must-have Features
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

What is the Perfect Hummingbird Feeder? Hummingbirds' extremely high metabolism requires them to eat as many as ten meals per hour during the daytime, and they consume almost their entire body weight in sugar each day. Hummingbird feeders ensure that hummingbirds get the nutrients they need while attracting these beautiful, fascinating birds to your yard. Look for these features when shopping for a hummingbird feeder:

Ant MoatInsect resistance
Ant moats, straw-like feeding tubes, and other insect-resistant features will keep nectar cleaner and prevent insect contamination.

Hummingbird feeders must be cleaned once every few days during warm weather, so choose a feeder that will hold no more than three days' worth of nectar to prevent waste.

Ease of cleaning
Hummingbirds will abandon a dirty or soiled feeder. To ensure that your visitors keep returning, choose a feeder that's easy to clean and maintain.

HummZinger FancyNumber of ports
The more ports the feeder has, the more hummingbirds you can feed at one time. If you enjoy watching several hummingbirds feeding together, choose feeders with at least four to six ports. The HummZinger Excel, one of our most popular hummingbird feeders, offers several feeding ports and enhances any yard.

Hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors, such as red or orange, so brightly colored feeders will help draw more birds.

Different styles will offer different viewing opportunities. If you want to view a hummingbird feeding while sitting or standing still, use a dish-style feeder or a feeder with perches, such as the Colibri Hummingbird Feeder.Perfect Little Birdfeeder Brush

Some feeders come with cleaning accessories or foul weather guards. These items can make it easier to maintain your feeder, keep nectar fresh, and make the feeder a more welcoming place for hummingbirds.

Some hummingbirds, especially males, can be very territorial about nectar sources, so we recommend placing several feeders in various locations around your yard to draw the most hummingbirds to your yard.

When you offer the right feeder, you are sure to lure these backyard beauties in for a closer view.

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