Pharmacy Spotlight: Sentinel® Heartworm Preventive for Dogs
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff


  • Medication type: Prescription-only, combination parasiticide drug.

  • Active ingredient: Milbemycin Oxime / Lufenuron

  • Dosage form: Monthly tablet

  • Manufacturer: Novartis

  • Generic form: None

  • Major use: Heartworm preventive, flea control and prevention, and intestinal wormer.

  • How it works: Milbemycin Oxime interferes with invertebrate neurotransmission eliminating the tissue stage of the heartworm larvae and the adult stage of hookworm, roundworm and whipworm. Lufenuron is an insect development inhibitor, which enters the flea when it bites a treated animal and breaks the flea life cycle by inhibiting egg development.

DalmatianSentinel® SUCCESS STORY:

Dog's Name: Petie
Breed: Dalmatian Mix
Age: 4 years

His story: Brett and Sarah fell in love with Petie the moment they spotted him at their local animal shelter. He was kind and instantly affectionate with both of them and they knew he would fit perfectly into their lives. However, since Petie was found as a stray, the shelter was unable to provide Petie's medical history.

Because Petie's medical history was in question, we recommended Petie be examined, vaccinated, dewormed and started on a flea and tick prevention program. After tests confirmed that Petie did not have heartworm, we also wanted him started on a heartworm preventive.

Instead of using multiple products to prevent and control parasites, Brett and Sarah opted to use Sentinel®, a delicious chewable tablet that works as a heartworm and flea preventive and kills roundworms, hookworms and whipworms.

Outcome: Petie passed his subsequent bi-yearly parasite exam with flying colors. There were no signs of heartworm infection, fleas, or gastrointestinal parasites. Brett and Sarah were equally impressed with how easy Sentinel was to use. Since they've owned pets all of their lives, they were all too familiar with trying to manage administration of an oral heartworm preventive, deworming paste, and flea topical. Petie was placed on Sentinel® year-round.

For full details on this medication, download the free patient information sheet.