Make a String Birdfeeder
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Make a Colorful String Feeder
Items you will need to make your string feederThe string feeder is an easy way to use items you already have at home to feed the local wild birds. You can hang these from tree branches, string them around
Making a string feeder bushes, or even wrap them around your deck railings. They will attract many kinds of birds.

You'll Need:

String of yarn
Plastic needle
Fruit (cranberries, apples, raisins, oranges)
Bread cubes

Make a Colorful String Feeder
STEP ONE: Loop the yarn through the eye of the plastic needle. Pull the yarn so that you have a double strand. It will be stronger this way.
STEP TWO: Cut the yarn and tie a knot at the end of the two strands.
STEP THREE: String popcorn, cranberries, raisins, oranges, apples, and even bread cubes onto the yarn. The more fruit you use, the more colorful. When you get to the end of the string, leave 2 inches of yarn and tie another knot on this end.
STEP FOUR: Hang your feeder.
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