Encourage Exercise with Playstands
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

While your ideal weekend may be to lounge around the home, extended periods of inactivity are your bird's worst nightmare. Furthermore, many pet birds will gain weight, grow destructive, and turn antisocial from lack of stimulation. Luckily, a simple way to encourage physical and mental activity is available.

put a tree in your living room
Wild birds move about in large areas of trees and brush. It is where they live, exercise, sleep, play, and forage. But most pet birds live a much more sedentary lifestyle. Their food is easily accessible. Their toys are always just a beak's length away. Their time outside the cage is treated as a vacation instead of an opportunity for activity and exercise. In fact, it is little wonder that many pet budgies grow pudgy and macaws, when left unsupervised, will destroy expensive home furniture.

It is easy to create a forest of fun in your living room. Best of all, you don't have to sacrifice your home's cleanliness or safety to offer your bird some nature-inspired pleasure. Bird playstands allow your bird to frolic as though he was in the wild. Plus, their adjustable climbing perches allow quick variations of your bird's surroundings to help keep his interest.

To add even more fun to your larger bird's excursions outside the cage, consider placing a playgym in your home. These portable playgrounds combine the perches of traditional playstands with toy hooks, seed guards, treat cups, and more. The result is an activity wonderland that rivals any tropical rainforest. Most Playgyms are designed to complement your bird's existing cage and maintain the beauty you work so hard to create in your home.

create a tabletop playground
Tabletop playstands are available in sizes to suit any bird. Big Steps, Parrot Playground, and Caitec Toddler Series Play Gyms feature bird-safe wood construction for easy movement between rooms. All, however, are loaded with features that allow your bird to perch, climb, swing, and play to his heart's content.

Tabletop and larger portable playstands offer much more than first meets the eye. At their most basic, each helps prevent boredom, encourage exercise, and stimulate instincts. However, since they move easily throughout your home, they also pique your bird's curiosity with a much needed change of scenery. More importantly, they further involve your bird in your world and strengthen the bond you and he share.

Playstand Safety

Not all playstands are created equal. All of our playstands, however, are designed with your bird's safety in mind and feature:

  • Sturdy, bird-safe construction
  • Range of size-appropriate designs
  • Certified nontoxic components
  • Food-grade dyes for wood colorings
  • Removable treat cups for easy cleaning
  • Materials easy to clean and disinfect
  • Solid construction with no gaps or sharp edges when fully assembled


Acrobird Playground

Acrobird Playground

Round Parrot Playstand

Round Parrot Playstand

A & E Cage Java Wood Tabletop Play Stands

A & E Cage Java Wood
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