How to Keep Bird Toys & Accessories Clean
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

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You keep your bird's environment meticulously clean and sanitary with weekly cleanings. But, are you remembering his toys and accessories, too?

ven in the cleanest cage, unclean toys and accessories increase the likelihood of transmitting harmful bacteria and disease – especially since your bird has so much beak contact with them. We recommend you clean toys and accessories weekly, right along with your cage-cleaning regimen.

Birds are extremely sensitive to cleaning solutions, so if you are using strong cleaners or disinfectants (like mild bleach solutions), please move your bird to another cage in a different room and close the door before you begin. Next, remove all toys and accessories from the cage. Check them over for seeds, droppings, etc., and remove before washing since the presence of organic material will prevent disinfectants from working properly. Then, wash them in hot, soapy water, disinfect them, and rinse them well in running water.

Commercial cleansing and disinfecting products reduce cleaning hassles. These easy-to-use products can be used directly on your bird's toys and accessories and allow you to quickly clean, deodorize, and sanitize while reducing the need to scrub and deep clean. By using commercial cleaning and disinfecting products, you can spend less time cleaning and more time bonding with your pet bird.

Toys and accessories must be completely dry before they are placed back in the cage. It saves a lot of time to have two sets of perches and a variety of toys. That way, clean, dry replacements can be quickly placed in the cage while the other set dries. This also helps alleviate boredom and deters negative behaviors. Remember to discard any perch or toy that does not come clean, is frayed, or is broken.

Once your bird's cage, toys, and accessories have been cleaned and thoroughly dried, reassemble everything and return your bird to his home. He can happily play in his safe environment and you can smile knowing you've completed another successful cleaning routine.

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