The Reef Aquarium, Volume 3: Science, Art & Technology
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Beautiful Reef Aquarium By J. Charles Delbeek and Julian Sprung
Two Little Fishes, Coconut Grove, FL, 2005
680 pages, hardcover
Book Design: Daniel N. Ramirez

With more than 700 photos, Volume 3 of the Reef Aquarium Series is a must for any aquarist's bookshelf. According to the authors, Volume 3 deals with "...more simple and natural approaches to duplicating tropical reef ecosystems." Volume 3 looks at some special habitats associated with coral reefs and describes how to duplicate these in your aquarium.

This excellent reference begins by identifying the basics of selection and design and the common elements of reef habitats. Next, it examines plumbing, electrical, physical and chemical needs, as well as calcium, alkalinity and pH of the specialty reef. Filtration, water motion, lighting, aquascaping, and feeding are also discussed. The last chapter deals with maintenance, husbandry, and disease issues. A highlight of the text is the substantial 11-page bibliography and index, allowing you to quickly look up your reef's particular needs.

A substantial number of color photos, charts, tables, and illustrations add to the readability of this book, making it an essential manual for reef hobbyists and professionals alike.

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