Bird Toy Selection Guide: Size by Species
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Bird Toys: What Size is Right for my Bird

inding the perfect toy for your feathered friend is a combination of choosing bird-appropriate materials and putting them together in a size that's appropriate for your bird. Filling your bird's cage with items that he can't – or won't – play with is like filling your home with furniture that doesn't fit or suit you.

Block Knots Bird Toy One Size Doesn't Fit All
Choose toys that are appropriate for your bird's size. A toy that's too small can be easily destroyed and ingested by a bigger bird, while some large toys may have openings that can be hazardous to smaller birds. Larger birds like to manipulate toys with their beaks, tongues, and feet, which means larger, more durable parts, whereas small lightweight toys and mirrors are ideal for small birds. Choosing a variety of styles within the range recommended for your bird is important, too, so he can experience visual and textural variety.

Variety is the Spice
All birds need a variety of toys for you to interchange in the cage, so include an assortment of:

  • Textures – to stimulate the mouth and feet
  • Teach Box and Bank Bird Toy
  • Colors – since birds see a wider spectrum of colors than we do
  • Tastes – to stimulate their palate
  • Sounds – to make the toys even more interesting
  • Challenges – such as puzzles,for the mental stimulation all birds need

Choosing the Right Stuff
So, how do you know which toys are the right size for your bird? We've done the homework for you. Our online toy pages tell you which toy will be appropriate for your pet, from parakeets to macaws. Some toys are available in more than one size, and some toys may be suitable for more than one size of bird. Our sizing recommendations or convenient sizing charts are available for each toy to help you choose the right toys appropriate for your bird's size and species.


Medium-small birds, such as conures, will find KnotRageous a perfect size for climbing.
Cotton Wreath Bird Toys
Colorful chewable Wreath Bird Toys created for mind-stretching, beak-challenging play.