Healthy Cat Treats
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Healthy Cat Treats

Regular healthy rewards contribute to your cat's well-being by strengthening the bond between you and your pet. When you offer kitty a treat at the same time each day - say, before you leave for work or when you come home - you're helping create a consistent routine that many cats find comforting.

Not only do cats love tasty snacks, but treats also promote a healthy life and healthy behaviors:

  • Supplemental Nutrition. Treats such as PureBitesĀ® Single-Ingredient Freeze-Dried Cat Treats and Tuna Flakes help supplement your cat's regular diet by providing extra protein essential for optimal health. UT Strength Everyday Soft Chews are chicken-liver flavored chews which contain beneficial direct-fed microbials (probiotics), cranberry extract, and more to support cat urinary tract health.

  • Healthy Teeth and Gums. Cats commonly suffer from dental disease and gingivitis. Plaque-busting Feline GreeniesĀ® help keep your cat's teeth and gums in top shape.

  • Satisfy the craving for fresh greens. Theories differ as to why cats eat grass... perhaps it's to consume extra roughage and clear the stomach of hairballs. We recommend offering your indoor cat some homegrown grass in a pot, such as Cat Grass. Planting indoor grass for your cat also helps to discourage her from chewing on potentially poisonous houseplants.
Turn snack time into an adventure
To make snack time fun and exciting for your cat, hide treats in various places in your house, tapping into her natural instinct to hunt for food. Or, you can use an interactive toy such as the Peek-A-Prize Toy Box to keep your cat physically and mentally challenged. Simply put a few of her favorite treats or toys inside each toy and allow her to "fish" them out with her paws.

There are multiple benefits to indulging your cat with healthy treats. But remember that cats all have different tastes. Experiment with several of the healthy treats available until you find your cat's favorites. Your cat will thank you!

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