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Dog Beds: 4 Ways to Shop Smart

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
About Drs. Foster & Smith Dog Beds 
Dog Beds: 4 Ways to Shop Smart 
Beds: Why Your Dog Needs One 

Finding the Right Dog Bed
Shopping for your best friend's new favorite bed? Consider bed type/category, construction/fill, price, and finishing touches in making your decision. The following selection guide will help you choose the perfect bed.
1. Shop by Category
A comfortable dog bed must be solidly constructed with quality materials, and suit your pet's personality and physical needs. Select a bed type to match your pet's lifestyle, age, size, and/or temperament from these categories:

Bolster Dog Bed Bolster Dog Beds
Great for all dogs, especially larger breeds, these low-profile nesters satisfy pups who love to sleep with their head cradled on an armrest or a pillow. Styles vary from half-bolsters to full 360-degree support, and feature either built-in or removable pillow pads.

Mats & Pads Mats & Pads
Sleek, supportive mats and pads turn any uncomfortable spot into a place to bed down. Usually foam-constructed, these universal beds offer an economical way to provide comfortable rest at home or on the go. For older or arthritic pets, consider extra-thick orthopedic pads.

Nesting Dog Beds Nesting Dog Beds
The security of sinking deep into a high-walled nest or overstuffed pillow-ball make this bed category an all-time favorite for smaller breeds and other snugglers.

Orthopedic Dog Bed Orthopedic Dog Beds
Built to enhance comfort in aged or ailing joints, orthopedic beds provide maximum support, most often with dense, supportive foam (some beds even contain memory foam). In this category, you'll find a mix of bolster beds, mats, nests, and mattress-style (traditional) beds our doctors recommend for older or arthritic pets.

Mattress-Style Dog Beds Mattress-Style Dog Beds
Traditional mattress-style beds come in a variety of shapes and designs to meet the needs of almost any pet. You'll find economical polyfil beds, no-shift baffled beds, and highly supportive foam models. Choose from stylish, chew-resistant, and even waterproof options - many with washable zippered covers.

Travel Dog Beds Travel Dog Beds
Instant bedding wherever your adventures take you! From roll-up sleepers and SUV liners to all-weather cots and patio beds, these travel beds outfit your pet with a comfortable destination after a long day's journey.
Cot & Furniture-Style Dog Beds Cot & Furniture-Style Dog Beds
Furniture-style dog beds add a distinct touch of style to any living space. Canine couches, doggy loungers, and other designer pet beds offer a classy way to give your best friend the comfort she craves and deserves. Choose from a chic variety of styles, materials, shapes, and sizes - something for EVERY décor and need.
Heated Dog Beds Heated Dog Beds
Perfect in cool weather but amazing anytime, heated pet beds provide gentle warmth to keep your best friend cozy. Some beds contain special thermo-reflective material that bounces your dog's own body heat back to the sleeping area - no cords or electricity required! Heated dog pads and beds are ideal during cooler months for small breed dogs, older dogs, or ailing dogs who need a little extra warmth.
Pillow Dog Beds Pillow Dog Beds
Polyfilled pillow beds deliver soft, springy comfort. Ideal for smaller breeds - but great for all dogs - these pillow-style sleepers give your dog a great place to rest her tired body after a long day of play and fun.
Cooling Dog Beds Cooling Dog Beds
Let your hot dog chill out on a cooling bed. Specially created with airy materials (and often elevated design), cooling beds help your dog stay cool and healthy when temperatures soar. They're great for summer use, especially on favorite outdoor spots like the yard, deck, porch, patio, or beach.
Outdoor Beds Outdoor Beds
The comfort of indoor sleepers PLUS the durability of all-weather materials. Outdoor beds - perfect for decks, patios, travel, camping, and more - give your dog a comfy spot to call her very own when she needs to relax or nap. Designed with tough materials like 600-denier nylon and all-metal frames, sturdy outdoor dog beds stand up to weather extremes and demanding dogs.
Baffled Polyfil

2. Choose Your Construction/Fill
Bed fill determines a dog bed's support level and plays a large role in overall bed longevity. Most economical bed models contain polyfil alone, whereas top models typically contain foam only or a foam/polyfil combination for enhanced comfort. Compare and choose the construction best for your pet:

  • Polyfil
    High-loft fibers, such as our MiracleLoft® polyfil made from recycled soda bottles, let you fluff and refill your dog's bed again and again.
  • Baffled Polyfil
    Baffled beds float your dog on a "raft" of poly filled tubes sewn together lengthwise. This individual-chambered design prevents polyfil from shifting or bunching for consistent comfort and support throughout the entire bed. Many Drs. Foster and Smith dog beds feature this time-tested, popular design for optimal comfort.
  • Foam
    The ideal blend of solid support, depth, and durability. And the best choice for older or arthritic dogs. You'll find both orthopedic and memory foams in mats, cuddlers, bolster beds, nesting beds, mattress-style beds, and furniture-style beds.

3. Pick a Price Range
Which dog bed is right for your budget? Investing in a built-to-last Drs. Foster & Smith bed helps ensure less-frequent bed replacement, and much greater return on your investment than a discount store bed. No matter what price tag you're looking for, budget-smart shopping is easy online when you choose to view only those beds in your target price range. Use the "Refine your Search" menu at the top of each category page while browsing or searching to help narrow your choices. You're sure to find a dog bed that fits your needs and budget.

4. Finishing Touches: Patterns & Personalization
Make your dog's bed truly a part of your home with the perfect fabric choice and optional personalization. While shopping beds, take a closer look at our wide selection of swatch patterns, and even view what your new bed will look like in a living-room setting. Simply click any swatch choice to browse a gallery of designer upholsteries to match any décor.

Many Drs. Foster & Smith dog beds can also be personalized with your pet's name, breed, and/or paw print or bone design. Choose the monogramming option on available beds to give your dog a one-of-a-kind gift.

The above selection guide should help you choose the perfect bed to ensure your dog's long-term comfort and satisfaction. If you require further assistance, feel free to call our friendly, knowledgeable agents at 1-800-826-7206. They're happy to lead you through the bed selection process.


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