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Habitat Tips for Hedgehogs

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Habitat Tips for Hedgehogs 
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Hedgehog Habitat Tips

Hedgehogs are small, friendly insectivores who make great small pets for families. Hedgehogs may be housed singly or groups. Only one male should be kept in a group, or fighting may occur. If you do not want the hedgehogs to breed, do not house a male with the females. Since hedgehogs are excellent climbers, cages with smooth walls, such as 20 gallon or larger aquariums, provide the best enclosures. An enclosure of 4 square feet is preferred.

Yummy Bowls Housing
Your hedgehog requires a clean, dry, hospitable home to stay happy and healthy. Do not place your pet's home in direct sunlight (although it should be located in a bright, accessible area) or in a drafty area. Keep the home out of reach of very young children and other pets.

In addition to being spacious, ventilated, chew-proof, and secure, your pet's home should contain the essentials:

Drs. Foster & Smith Aspen Bedding Bedding
Bedding material should be non-toxic, low-dust, absorbent, several inches deep, and may consist of Aspen Bedding, pelleted paper, or shredded newspaper. If using a rabbit or ferret cage with wire floors, you will want to place old but clean carpet on the wire floors, and then cover that with the bedding material. Make sure to remove any strings on the carpet which could possibly be eaten by the hedgehog or twist around they hedgehog's limb. Do not use cat litter as bedding, since it will stick to the hedgehog's fur. Also make sure the bedding stays dry and that you change it frequently.

Hide-A-Way Hut A hiding place is a must for your hedgehog
Being shy creatures, one of the most important things you can do for your pet hedgehog is to provide her with a place to feel secure. A hidebox such as a wood box, a plastic flowerpot on its side, or a 4" diameter PVC pipe is perfect as a private and secure hiding or sleeping area.

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