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Flea & Tick Collar FAQs

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Flea & Tick Collar FAQ's

Can I leave my dog's flea and tick collar on when I take him swimming?
No. It is recommended that flea collars be removed before swimming or bathing as it may decrease the integrity of the product. The Seresto® Flea & Tick Collar is an exception to this recommendation. Seresto can be worn while the pet is swimming or being bathed. However, if the dog swims or is bathed more than once per month, the control duration is significantly reduced.
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How should the collar be worn?
Follow the directions for the product you are using. The collar should fit snugly around the dog's neck - to make skin contact and to ensure that your dog cannot remove it. Generally, this means you should be able to place two fingers under the collar. Adjust for proper fit and buckle in place. Cut off excess length and dispose. Do not allow dogs or children to play with cut-off pieces. Re-check the fit of the collar frequently, especially in growing puppies, to make sure the collar has not become too tight.
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How do the collars work?
Active ingredients are continuously released from the collar and spread over the pet in the natural oils of the haircoat and skin. These active ingredients then adhere to the hair and skin and provide continuous protection.
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When should I change the collar?
Always change the collar according the the manufacturer's directions, to ensure consistent protection.
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Can I use a flea and tick collar safely if I have children or other pets in the house?
Yes. However, always keep collars out of reach of children and ensure they do not play with them. If a child is exposed to the collar worn by your pet, have them wash their hands. The collars are harmful if swallowed, so if you notice other pets in your home chewing the collar worn by another pet, remove the collar and discard, and use a topical instead. Do not apply a collar meant to be worn by dogs to a cat or other animal.
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Do flea and tick collars make a great choice for thick or double-coated breeds?
The key to using flea and tick collars on dogs with thick or double coats is to make sure the collar is as close to the skin as possible. This means you may have to part the hair when positioning the collar on the neck.
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Can flea and tick collars be used along with other flea and tick products?
We generally recommend using only one flea and tick control product on the pet at a time. However, in some situations, you may wish to use two products together to increase effectiveness. An example would be tick prevention in a heavily tick-infested area. In such cases, we might recommend using two products - such as a topical and a tick collar - if they are administered differently and have different mechanisms of action. We do NOT recommend using more than two flea and tick topical products together on a pet. Always consult your veterinarian before using two products on your pet.
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