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Dog Odor Control FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Odor Control
Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Odor Control My house has a "pet odor" that I want to get rid of. What should I do?
The first thing to do is try to identify the source of the odor. If your pet has a secret place behind the couch where he relieves himself unbeknownst to you, that may be the sole cause of the problem. However, it's usually not that simple. Here are a few of the things we suggest to our customers who talk about odor problems:
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned.

  • Hang an odor-absorbing product near the source of the odor or where your pet spends much of his time.

  • Wash your pet's bedding more frequently, or buy a new cover for your pet's bed.

  • Install an automatic aerosol dispensing system that freshens the air with a scent of your choice at the interval you choose.

  • Clean up any "accidents" as soon as possible, and use a product such as OdorLogic® CleanAway that removes odors organically instead of just covering up the odor with a pleasant scent.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Odor Control What causes pet odors?
Pet odors could be caused by a number of things, as mentioned above. Even if your dog hasn't rolled in anything in the yard, some dogs have a natural odor, and it's not usually pleasant. You may want to try bathing your pet more frequently or trying a different shampoo. Some dogs have skin conditions, such as seborrhea, that makes the pet have a stronger odor. Special shampoos can help with these conditions. Again, more frequent cleaning where your pet spends most of his time, or washing his bed cover more often could also help.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Odor Control Is there any way to prevent odors?
Yes. Much of what you do to eliminate odors can be used in a preventive way, such as hanging a Pet Clear Crystals bag in a room, regular washing of your dog's bed cover, vacuuming more frequently, more frequent baths, and having your carpets professionally cleaned occasionally.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Odor Control How do I remove odors from carpets and furniture?
Try to take care of accidents as soon as possible. For fresh stains we recommend Drs. Foster & Smith Urine Power Away. They both contain organic ingredients that neutralize odors permanently so that your pet doesn't return to the same spot and have the "urge" to mark the spot again. There are a number of other very good products that work as well. Some products can be added to carpet cleaning machines - a good idea since cleaning alone will not eliminate odors completely. Most of the products used for carpets can also be used on upholstery. However, be sure to do a "spot check" on the carpet or fabric before using to make sure the product you are using does not discolor the material.
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