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Spring Cleaning Secrets to a Successful Pond Season

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Essential Guide to Pond Water Conditioners
Water conditioners help maintain good water quality and proper water parameters so koi and other pond fish can thrive. This article explains how.
Pond Essentials Overview
Put together a kit of essential items, and spend less time maintaining your water garden and more time enjoying the benefits of your beautiful backyard. Learn what tools are essential.

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10 Simple Tricks to Ease Pond Maintenance
10 things you can do to make maintaining your pond as simple as possible and save you time so you can enjoy it.
A Closer Look at Pond Nitrification
The nitrification process, or the nitrogen cycle, plays a crucial role in creating a healthy pond. This natural process converts toxic nitrogen waste products into less harmful compounds. Discover how you can maintain efficient biological filtration.
Barley Straw Benefits
Read what customers are saying about water conditioning with barley products for their ponds.
Consider Using a Net
Consider installing or keeping netting on in the warmer months. you may find it?fs just what you need for your pond.
Easy Pond Maintenance
Easy pond maintenance begins with careful planning even before construction. Following a few simple guidelines, your maintenance requirements should be minimal.
Effective Pond & Birdfeeder Deterrents
The beauty of fall brings with it challenges for backyard pond keepers, not the least of which are falling and blowing leaves. Here are some effective debris & pest control for ponds & wild bird feeders.
How to Build a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
"Bringing nature to your own backyard" means more than filling a pond with water and adding plants and fish. It means bringing nature's methods of balancing a wetland ecosystem into your backyard as well. Learn how to learn from nature.
Keep Your Pond Upkeep Simple
If you want to make your pond maintenance simple so you can spend more time enjoying it, follow three little letters: SOD- Schedule, Organize, and Divide. This article helps you make the most of your pond with easy maintenance tips.
Maintain Ideal Pond Temperatures
The health and comfort of your fish depend upon keeping the water in your pond cool. Koi and goldfish, for example, are cold water fish, preferring water temperature in the range of 68-74 degrees. Here are some tips to help you keep your pond cool.
Monitor Pond Water Parameters
Koi ponds are living systems requiring attention to water parameters. The key to healthy koi is maintaining good water quality by performing regular, routine tests. Here are some important pond water parameters to monitor.
Optimize the Cycle of Life in Your Pond
Your pond is a self-contained bio-habitat that seeks to keep itself in balance. A properly designed pond will be nearly self-maintaining. Learn what you can do to maintain a healthy balanced pond environment.
Pond Netting Seasonal Selection Guide
Your pond netting needs change with the season. Learn which netting type works best during the different seasons.
Pond Predator Control
Everyone who loses valuable fish comes to the same conclusion…it's time to pay more attention to predator control. Here's what to do to prevent bad things from happening in your pond.
Pond Water Conditioner Guide
There are many different types of pond water conditioners available to ease pond care. Refer to this handy guide to learn how to best use these different pond water conditioners.
Prevent Koi Loss Due to Predators
You have designed and set up a beautiful pond. One challenge you may encounter is controlling wildlife that may threaten your fish and plants. Consider the Three "R's" to prevent loss due to predators.
Prevent Toxic Ammonia Buildup
Toxic ammonia is the most common cause of fish loss. Learn how to avoid the invisible killer of koi and pond fish.
Product Highlight: Water Repair® Revitalize
The secret to maintaining healthy water in your pond usage of beneficial bacteria. The all new Water Repair® Revitalize is a convenient way to help biological filtration for a safe and healthy pond ecosystem.
Re-imagine Routine Maintenance With Pond Vacuums
Many pond owners have yet to discover the amazing benefits provided by pond vacuums. Discover how pond aesthetics AND health can greatly improve with pond vacuums.
Seasonal Pond Maintenance Checklist
Use this easy pond maintenance guide for simplified pond care all year round. From pond filter maintenance and spring algae control to summer koi care.
What's the White Foam in my Pond?
Pond foam consists of stubborn bubbles that are commonly due to an excess of dissolved organics and/or proteins collecting in a slick along the water's surface. Here's how to get rid of those annoying white bubbles in your pond.

Coping with the Most Common Pond Emergencies
Foamy Pond Water: A Possible Underlying Problem

Maintain Ideal Pond Temperatures
Pond Predator Control
What's the White Foam in my Pond?

Pond Netting Seasonal Selection Guide
Prevent Toxic Ammonia Buildup

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