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"People Foods" to Share With Your Bird
Fruits and vegetables as part of cage bird diet boosts nutrition. Find out which fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator make excellent additions to the diet of your cage bird.
Better Bird Treats Selection Guide
Whether you need to bring your bird out of obesity or ensure he never gets there, you should regularly serve treats with minimal seeds or added sugar.
Bird Treats: What Kinds Are Best For My Bird?
Birds should have treats once in a while not only because they are special to us, but as another way to give them something to do.
Canary Grass for Birds: The Low-fat Treat
One of the biggest benefits to canary grass is its low fat content - only 6%. Compared to higher calorie treats, we highly recommend it as a treat for pudgy parakeets or any other small bird that tends to get overweight.
Foraging: Essential Environment Enrichment
Wild birds spend up to 6 hours foraging for food, with additional time manipulating food with their beaks and feet. Denial of environmental enrichment through foraging can cause boredom-related problems like feather picking or screaming.
How to Choose the Best Bird Treats
Wholesome treats can be hard to find. Many treats are laden with calories and packed with extra fats and sugars for taste appeal. However, healthier, but still tasty, alternatives are available.
How to Make Bird Food Fun
Despite what you've been told, you should play with food - your bird's food! Let your creativity run wild in making fun, irresistible bird treats. Learn more >
Is Your Refrigerator Hiding Some Healthy Bird Treats?
Fresh, raw vegetables provide a healthy alternative to sweetened, prepared snacks. So do limited amounts of fruits, grains, and nuts. Check your pantry or refrigerator for the following bird foods and give a healthy snack: >
Millet: The low-fat classic snack that keeps birds busy
Millet is a low-fat classic snack that not only gives your bird a delicious treat, but also is a natural foraging item that keeps small birds busy, which they need for psychological and physical health.
Nutritious Foods That Double as Toys
Fresh foods play an important part in your pet bird's diet. They're a good source of vitamins and minerals, and they make a significant contribution to your pet's enjoyment, interest, and "play" at eating time.
The Importance of Birds Foraging for Their Food
Pet birds most often forage for treats alone. But foraging can also become a daily mealtime activity. Take your bird "back to nature" as you cater to her natural desire to seek out her meals. Learn more >
Tips to encourage foraging
Foraging, the collective activity during which your bird searches for and locates food, is an essential part of natural bird behavior. Encourage foraging with these simple tips.
Use Bird Treats to Reward, Not Appease
Bird treats can be a source of motivation, mental and physical stimulation, and behavior modification.
Use healthy ingredients to create custom mixes
Mix your own bird treats and offer your bird what she wants with no waste.
Your Bird and Millet Seed
Millet is a grass that has the botanical name of panicum miliaceum and is one of the most nutritious grains you can give to your bird.

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Foraging Toys for Birds
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Your Bird and Millet Seed
Bird Treats: What Kinds Are Best For My Bird?
Canary Grass for Birds: The Low-fat Treat
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Use healthy ingredients to create custom mixes
Millet: The low-fat classic snack that keeps birds busy

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