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Quiko Bird Supplement Selection Guide
Guard against diet dificiency. Bird-specific supplements target body system functions, reproductive and behavioral issues, plumage health, and more.

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A Clean Cage is Key to Bird's Health
One of the most important things you can do to keep your bird healthy is to clean his cage, play stands, and accessories regularly.
April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Make sure your bird stays out of harm's way by providing the best care possible.
Artificial Light Brings Beneficial Sun Indoors
Though there are now many types of lightbulbs in varying degrees of shape, color, and output (known as luminescence), bird owners should be concerned with only one type of artificial light - full spectrum lighting.
Avian First Aid for Common Bird Emergencies
It is impossible to anticipate and prevent every accident. With advance preparedness, however, you can certainly reduce pain and suffering, and may some day even save the life of your pet.
Avian Lighting Needs: An Introduction
Light plays an important role in bird health and behavior. Explore the fascinating role light plays in bird health and how you can provide essential light with ease
B-Complex Vitamins: The Building Blocks of Better Bird Health
B-complex vitamins include Vitamins B6, B12, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and biotin.
Bird Anatomy 101: Avian Health Checklist
Observing your bird daily and regualr checks can help in early detection of health problems.
Bird Breeding Tips and Considerations
While breeding and raising birds is a challenging responsibility, it is also extremely rewarding if you're willing to invest time, finances, and space into proper care.
Bird Droppings Inspection: A Free Health Exam for Your Bird
Simple guide lets you evaluate your pet bird's health quickly and easily by looking at his droppings so you can take your bird to the veterinarian early before disease sets in.
Bird Emergencies: When to Take Immediate Action
Did you know a healthy-looking cage bird could be concealing a health problem? Find out why birds behave this way and what signs to pay particular attention to.
Bird Feathers 101: Structure, Types, Growth, Molting & Health
All about feathers including feather type, feather growth, molting, and gauging bird health by looking at feathers.
Bird Health Tip: How to Check Droppings
Since birds are closer to the wild state than most other pets, they are good at masking signs of illness. One quick health indicator is a bird's droppings.
Bird Obesity Prevention Guide
Bird obesity resulting from overfeeding and lack of exercise is prevalent health problem. Consider these 10 easy ways to banish birdies bulge for leaner and much healthier pet bird.
Calcium is necessary for bird health
Calcium builds strong bodies in multiple ways. These guidelines help you help your bird get the calcium she needs.
Cold Weather Tips to Keep your Bird Warm
Before Old Man Winter settles in, take time to boost your bird's warmth, comfort, and safety to ensure that he is as happy as possible. Learn more >
Control Bird Stress in 5 Easy Steps
Behavior problems may be one of the first indications that your bird is experiencing stress. Screaming, biting, feather destruction, and other undesirable behaviors are often signs of stress.
Ensure Fresh, Pure Water for Your Bird
In choosing a water source for your bird, unchlorinated water is best. You may wish to consider using bottled spring water.
Examine Plumage to Detect Health Problems
The condition of your bird's plumage is a primary indicator of its overall health. If you spot missing, ruffled, damaged, or worn feathers, you know to take corrective action.
Fatty Liver Disease in Pet Birds
Fatty Liver Disease is a very serious condition and is common in many birds, including budgies, cockatiels, Amazons, lovebirds, cockatoos and more. Find out if your bird is at risk.>
Feather and Skin Care Tips for Your Pet Bird
Your bird's feathers and skin are delicate and their appearance is a direct indication of your bird's overall health. Here are some tips to promote feather and skin health. Learn more >
Fly Into the Light
By understanding basic science, however, and using common sense you can easily keep your bird bathed in light and basking in good health.
Full Spectrum Lighting: Provide the
Ultraviolet Light Your Bird Needs

Full-spectrum lights emit light across the entire range of the possible lightbulb spectrum and some contain UVB in amounts beneficial to our avian friends.
Gout in Birds: How to Recognize the Signs in Your Bird
Gout is a common disease among humans and reptiles, and is also seen in birds, especially budgies, waterfowl, and poultry.
Help Prevent Feather Picking
Feather picking, or plucking, can be a very serious problem for your pet bird. It's important to visit your veterinarian and help to keep your bird active to prevent boredom. Learn more >
Hints for Avoiding Common Problems During the Winter Months
Low indoor humidity, common in winter, can cause your bird to develop dry, dull feathers and overall poor plumage. What’s worse, the resulting dander, itching, and discomfort your bird feels may lead him to destructive feather-picking behavior.
How to Balance Bird Exercise with Proper Diet & Nutrition
An overweight bird is more likely to have a shortened life span, as well as a poorer quality of life. Unfortunately, Obesity in caged birds is more common than you may suspect.
How to Keep Your Bird Warm, Even in Cooler Months
A warm, temperature-controlled environment is critical to ensure your bird's good health. Thermo Perches, Heat Lamps, and Cozy Sacks help provide your bird the warmth needed to maintain a stable body temperature.
How to Promote Health & Longevity in Your Bird
Health and longevity start from a hatchling on up, so the better care your bird receives throughout his life, the better chance he will have to live a long and healthy life.
Is Your Bird Ill? Know the Signs
In nature, birds are more frequently prey than predator. Therefore, they will hide signs of illness to avoid appearing weak and vulnerable.
Manu Minerals: Provide the Minerals Nature Intended
Deep in the Amazon rainforest, along the Manu River, there stand clay cliffs well-known for their spectacular and ever-changing colors.
Nesting Materials Essential in Breeding Season
Bird nests should provide comfort and warmth for baby birds to successfully hatch. Female birds instinctively search for natural nesting materials that they usually find in the wild such as various reeds, twigs, leaves, and grasses.
Poison Prevention
Prevention is the simplest – and safest – way to protect your pet from household poisons. Use this guide to ensure you're doing all you can to keep your pet and family safe from accidental poisonings.
Preening behavior in pet birds
What preening is, why birds do it, and how to help them
Rest for your weary bird
If your bird’s cage is in a high-activity area, make sure she has a quiet place to sleep her required 10-12 hours. A separate sleep cage may also help you bond with a new bird.
Root Causes of Feather Picking in Birds
Feather picking in birds is a disturbing discorder that often gets attributed to bird bordem, but did you know there are many other causes? Learn More about Feather Picking in Birds >
The Disease That Starves Your Bird
Psittacine Proventricular Dilatation Syndrome (PPDS) is also known by many, less common names, including Macaw Wasting Disease and Neuropathic Gastric Dilatation
The Importance of Your Bird's Sleep
Without adequate sleep, your bird will suffer from increased stress. You may suffer too, since your stressed bird will be more likely to bite, scream, and pluck her feathers. Learn more >
Three Steps to a Healthier Bird
To optimize physical, mental, and emotional health, you need to engage your bird regularly in activities to challenge, stimulate, and train your pet.
Tips to encourage foraging
Foraging, the collective activity during which your bird searches for and locates food, is an essential part of natural bird behavior. Encourage foraging with these simple tips.
Types and benefits of mineral treats
Mineral treats offer entertainment, boredom prevention, constructive activity, and beak conditioning. A variety of mineral-based treats are sure to please your bird.
Vitamins & Minerals: How they can support your bird's health
A guide to the types of supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, that your bird may need to lead an optimally healthy life.
Water Without the Mess
Water bottles are cleaner and more hygienic than water bowls (provided that they are washed daily). Bottles do not allow birds to defecate or dump/dunk food into the water.
What to do About Problem Feather Picking
Is your bird picking himself bald? Of all the bird questions we receive, questions about feather picking are the most common. Feather picking problems occur when natural preening behavior goes awry and becomes an obsession.
Why Your Bird Deserves Intellectual Stimulation
Research continues to prove what most bird owners already know – birds are smart companions. Don't miss an opportunity to open new doors for your pet by keeping him intellectually stimulated and involved in your life.

Contact Your Veterinarian When Your Bird Shows These Signs
Droppings: Daily Observation Can Alert You to Problems
Mercury Exposure: Health Concerns, Clean-up, and Disposal
Teflon Toxicity (PTFE Toxicosis) in Birds
Wellness Exams for Birds
Green Eclectus Parrot
Control Bird Stress in 5 Easy Steps
Fatty Liver Disease in Pet Birds
Preening behavior in pet birds
Jardine's Parrot
Rest for your weary bird
Calcium is necessary for bird health
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