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Overview: Electronic Testing, Dispensing, & Monitoring Devices

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Aquarium Water Testing Methods, Results and Interpretation
The value you get when you conduct any aquarium water test is almost never the true level. This is because all measurements are subject to some degree of error. Learn how such errors occur and how it must be considered when interpreting results.
Calibrating Electronic Testers, how to
Calibration is crucial for accuracy of your electronic tester, so it is important to calibrate regularly. Learn how to achieve fast, accurate, and dependable test results.
Defining Important Aquarium Water Parameters
The health of your aquarium inhabitants depends on maintaining proper water parameters. And regular routine testing is the only accurate way to be certain water parameters are within an acceptable range.
How to Maintain Proper Specific Gravity
Specific gravity measures the relative salinity (amount of dissolved salts) in your aquarium water in comparison to pure water. Measuring specific gravity on a regular basis is crucial to maintain the ideal environment for your marine inhabitants.
Parameters Important to Aquarium Water Quality
A healthy aquarium is not difficult to maintain if you routinely test for important aquarium water parameters. Read on for information about testing as well as a chart with acceptable levels.
pH in Marine Aquariums
Often overlooked, pH may well be one of the most critical parameters in a healthy system. Maintaining the right pH range - 8.3-8.5 in marine systems - has a natural antiseptic effect, helping fish resist illness and coral calcify faster.
Prevent Aquarium Emergencies Through Testing
Learn how to maximize test result data and apply them to prevent potential aquarium emergencies.
Product Spotlight: Hanna Testers
Complex systems like marine or reef aquariums may require more tests, but careful testing helps you maintain ideal water quality crucial for the success of these sensitive systems. Hanna Testers are available to test many marine water parameters.
Test Aquarium Source Water for Heavy Metals
Do you test for heavy metals? If you use tap water for your aquarium, you may be adding unwanted pollutants. Find out why you need to test for heavy metals.
Testing Specific Gravity
Measuring specific gravity even with precision equipment can be inaccurate if proper technique is not employed. The following testing tips will help increase test accuracy so you can provide proper water parameters for your saltwater aquarium.
The Importance of Testing Your Aquarium's Water
Stress due to fluctuating water conditions is one of the main causes of fish illness and death. Maintaining proper range in each of these parameters is vital to the health and longevity of your fish.


pH in Marine Aquariums
How to Maintain Proper Specific Gravity
Aquarium Water Testing Methods, Results and Interpretation

Apex Comparison Chart
Test Aquarium Source Water for Heavy Metals

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