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FAQs: Biological Media
Many aquarist have questions about aquarium filtration. These FAQs answer some basic questions on biological filter media.

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3-Stage Filtration Overview
Aquarium Filter Selection Guide
Canister Filters: Selection Guide
Chemical Filter Media Selection Guide

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Advancements in Aquarium Filtration
While most aquarists agree biological filtration is imperative for your aquarium's health, not all agree that mechanical and chemical filtration is absolutely necessary.
Aquarium Filter Media Overview
There are three basic types of aquarium filter media and each performs a different job to help keep a clean and healthy aquarium environment. This article gives a basic overview of the three main types of filter media.
Aquarium Filtration Quick Guide
Selecting the right aquarium filter can be confusing due to the many available choices. Refer to this handy quick guide to learn the fundamentals of aquarium filters and the type of aquarium setup they are best suited for.
Benefits of Aquarium Canister Filters
A canister filter is a sealed container filled with various filter media. The principle advantage of canister filters over power filters is their roomy media baskets which can be filled with a variety of filter media to create custom filtration.
Benefits of Chemical Filter Media
Chemical filter media remains a standard as one of the three types of aquarium filtration. Though it plays an important role in aquarium filtration, chemical filter media is perhaps the least understood form of aquarium filtration.
Biofiltration Technology
The following provides a brief overview of biofiltration. Learn how it works, and what hobbyists should look for when selecting the appropriate materials to establish a biological filtration system in an aquatic environment.
Biological Filtration: Is Your Filter at Peak Performance?
Biological filtration drives every successful home aquarium. Established colonies of beneficial bacteria are the workhorses for efficient biological filtration. There are certain factors that affect bacterial population. This article refers to some.
Biological Media: Balance and Detoxification
Biological filtration is the action of bacteria breaking down dangerous ammonia, converting it to nitrite, and then converting nitrite to less toxic nitrate. This article discusses how the process works.
Biological Media: Types & Benefits
Biological filtration is the lifeblood of your aquarium system. It is responsible for the breakdown of dangerous ammonia into less-toxic nitrite and eventually nitrate. This article discusses the types and benefits of biological media.
Custom Aquarium Filtration
Are you getting the most out of your aquarium filter? Use chemical filter media for simple, affordable and effective custom upgrade of aquarium filtration.
Filtration Tips for Maintaining Water Quality
Several factors can reduce efficient filter performance. Find out how to get the most out of your filtration system. Learn more.
Lighting Options for Optimum Refugium Macroalgae Growth
Refugiums with macroalgae, live rock or live sand supplement and enhance filtration in saltwater aquariums. To fully benefit from your refugium, provide a light source for photosynthetic macroalgae. Consider the following options.
Mechanical Filtration
Mechanical filtration can greatly improve the health of most aquariums, and is also important for the efficiency of your biological filtration. The process is simple: mechanical media strains solid debris.
Media Upgrades for your Canister Filter
Aquarium canister filters boost exceptional filtering capacity. However, did you know they are also extremely customizable? Learn how to customize your filter to remedy specific water quality concerns.
Refugiums 101
Refugiums, small aquariums that either sit next to or hang onto an existing saltwater or reef aquarium, are used by a growing number of aquarists to continually cycle water into and out of the existing tank.
Simple Filtration Upgrades for Marine Aquariums
Learn how to easily enhance filtration for saltwater marine aquariums. Explore one of the following simple upgrades to fine-tune your existing sump filtration system for improved water quality.
Sponge Filters & Breeding Aquariums
Breeding and raising fish is one of the most exciting and educational facets of the aquarium hobby. To ensure the safety and health of the fry, you must employ filtration gentle enough not to harm them, yet strong enough to maintain healthy water.
Sumps: Practical & Specialized Uses
Spanning the most basic to the most advanced applications, a seemingly mundane piece of equipment, a sump, can provide numerous benefits, most important of which is improved water conditions.
The Facts About Activated Carbon
Activated carbon is a popular and beneficial filter media choice for freshwater and saltwater aquarists. Learn how the use of activated carbon can benefit your aquarium
Upgrading to Canister Filters
Quiet, convenient canister filters are inconspicuously located under your aquarium. All the canister filters we offer are customizable, and can hold a large amount of media (mechanical, chemical, and biological) in varying combinations.


Aquarium Filter Selection Guide
Biological Media: Types & Benefits
FAQs: Biological Media

Media Upgrades for your Canister Filter
Simple Filtration Upgrades for Marine Aquariums

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