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Aquarium Styling Overview

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10 Reasons to Aquascape with Artificial Plants
The variety and realism of artificial plants have improved considerably over the years and aquarists are no longer limited to just a few choices. Artificial plants are now available in fresh and saltwater species, plastic or fabric construction.
4 Easy Aquarium Setups
When planning your next aquarium, consider staying "true to nature" by building and stocking a miniature ecosystem of common structure, inhabitants, and plants that exist together in the wild.
Adding Driftwood to Your Aquarium
Just as you would cure other natural structures before adding them to your aquarium, it is important to thoroughly soak driftwood prior to placement. This helps saturate the wood, loosen debris caught in the grain, and leach out tannic acids.
Aquarium Decorations: More than Just Décor
Artificial plants, driftwood, and similar decor offer you a visually appealing aquascape, but offer your aquarium inhabitants a more important benefit - shelter. In their natural environment, fish have plants, rocks, and driftwood for protection.
Aquascaping Essentials Overview
Aquascaping (aquatic landscaping) is a fantastic way to create your own one-of-a-kind aquarium. Aquascaping also plays an integral role in providing aquarium inhabitants with an environment where they can seek shelter, breed, or rear their young.
Aquascaping Saltwater Aquariums
Marine decorations now include macroalgae, soft and hard corals, barnacles, starfish, sponges, and even live rock. This variety allows beautiful and imaginative aquarium displays sure to rival any reef aquarium with live specimens. Learn how here.
Aquascaping with Artificial Décor
Artificial plants are ideal for breeding or quarantine tanks, providing much needed shelter in a simple and attractive manner. They are an excellent low-maintenance alternative, offering many benefits, when live plants are not a practical option.
Aquascaping with Live Rock
Aquascaping with live rock establishes a safe and stable marine environment. It offers fish a natural food source, aids in the breakdown of wastes, creates a foundation for live corals, and presents hiding places for shy or frightened fish.
Artificial Plants: Decorating Tips
Artificial plants transform your underwater world from dull to extraordinary - almost instantly. They create a lush, natural-looking habitat with added color, dimension, movement, and cover; without the special conditions or care live plants require.
Benefits of Aquascaping with Artificial Aquarium Décor
Aquarium décor offers hobbyists a creative way to express their personality. It also provides a simple, carefree way to create a sheltered, stress-free environment for aquarium inhabitants.
How to Aquascape Your Aquarium
The most exciting transformation your aquarium goes through is from a tank filled with water to a water world filled with plants, decorations and fish. When you aquascape, you are literally creating an aquatic landscape in your aquarium.
Select the Aquarium Décor that's Right for You
Will you use natural or artificial décor for your aquarium? Discover how unique features of natural and artificial decorations can determine the look of your aquarium.
Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Corals
Detailed, realistic polyurethane corals continue to increase in popularity because they offer a complete alternative to turn any aquarium into a beautiful, colorful reef. With artificial corals, you can create the reef aquarium you've always wanted.


Adding Driftwood to Your Aquarium
10 Reasons to Aquascape with Artificial Plants
4 Easy Aquarium Setups

Select the Aquarium Décor that's Right for You
Benefits of Aquascaping with Artificial Aquarium Décor

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