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FAQs: Balanced Diets
Quarantine Tank FAQs

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Fish Food Recommendation Chart
With the wide variety of commercial foods available, it is sometimes difficult to determine which type of food to feed your fish. When choosing a food, the first thing you need to know is what type of diet is natural to your fish.
Illnesses: Signs & Recommended Treatment Guide
When your fish become sick or diseased, you need to take corrective action. First observe the condition of your fish, identify the type of disease, obtain information about the conditions in the aquarium, then treat the sick fish.

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Adding Some Life to Your Inhabitants' Diet
There are a variety of quality prepared foods currently available that satisfy the nutritional needs of both fish and invertebrates. However, supplementing the diet with live food can provide additional nutritional benefits.
Aquarium Fish Nutrition is in the Ingredients
It is helpful to understand what you are feeding your fish. Examine the ingredient list on your favorite aquarium fish food to see what nutrients your fish are receiving.
Aquarium Salt Benefits Freshwater Fish
Aquarium salt has a number of beneficial uses in freshwater aquariums. Find out how your freshwater aquarium can benefit from the addition of aquarium salts.
Aquarium Temperature Management
Fish need precise temperatures to thrive. Learn how aquarium water temperature affects fish health and what you can do to maintain ideal water temperatures.
Disease Prevention for Healthy Aquarium Fish
Sick fish can quickly undermine the precious time and resources invested in maintaining a healthy and beautiful aquarium display. Learn what you can do to prevent disease outbreak with smart alternatives to harsh chemicals and antibiotics.
Factors That Affect Water Temperature
Temperature can be the single most important component in the life of your fish. Fish, in the wild and in our aquariums, are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Learn the affects of water temperature on fish health.
First Aid Kit for Aquarium Fish
The following overview offers useful tips to optimize aquarium care and reduce stress on you and your fish.
Fish Disease & PimaFix
Any time fish tissue is damaged due to shipping, netting, handling, or poor water quality, bacterial and fungal pathogens seize the opportunity to infect the fish. Bacterial infections weaken fish and enable fungal infection to spread more rapidly.
Fish First Aid
To safeguard your aquatic life, you need to test your water parameters often and look daily for the warning signs of trouble. Because illness or trauma can worsen rapidly, it's best to have the right medications on hand to deal with the situation.
Fish Health & Disease Prevention
Ich, pronounced "ick", is an external parasite often referred to as "white spot disease." Aquarium fish develop Ich due to stress or improper aquarium conditions. Most often, it is brought on by fluctuating aquarium temperatures.
Hole-in-the-Head Disease
Primarily affecting cichlids and also known as Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE) or Hexamitiasis, this condition is still poorly understood. Many believe the causes are poor water quality and a lack of vitamins A and C.
How Fish Food Quality Affects Water Quality
Quality fish foods help prevent the types of water problems that can result from foods with undigestible ingredients.
Ich: Treating without harming invertebrates
Many commercial Ich treatments utilize copper to kill the Ich parasite. This is fine in fish only aquariums, but copper is toxic to aquatic invertebrates like snails, crabs, shrimp and crayfish.
Improve Aquarium Diet with Frozen Fish Food
Have you wondered why there's so many different frozen fish food? Discover the benefits of purchasing frozen fish from Drs. Fosters and Smith Aquatics.
Manage Water Temperature
If your aquarium heater or chiller has failed, would you know what to do? The following emergency temperature tips can help prepare you for such unforeseen events.
Plant-Eating Fish Nutrition
With the wide variety of high-quality prepared food items now available, it is easier to provide a proper diet for your aquarium inhabitants. However, unless you provide the correct diet for your species, the quality of the food will not matter.
Power Outage Emergency Kit
A power outage can quickly make your aquarium stagnant, toxic, and environmentally unstable . . . unless you have an emergency kit prepared! Here's what you'll need:
Prevent a Warm Water Disaster
Guarantee your aquarium remains healthy through the warmer summer months by understanding what happens to the water when it warms. Take proper precautions to regulate aquarium water temperature.
Prevent Ammonia Emergencies
Learn what you can do to prevent unexpected ammonia emergencies.
Prevent malnutrition in aquarium fish
Good nutrition is a must for healthy aquarium inhabitants and a healthy ecosystem. Every year, thousands of fish become diseased or die because of malnutrition. Poor nutrition affects the fish's immune system, making them more susceptible to disease.
Proper Feeding Techniques using Phytoplankton and Zooplankton
With the appropriate liquid invertebrate food and the proper feeding technique, the nutritional needs of your reef invertebrates will be met without compromising water quality or the health of your inhabitants.
Proper Fish Diet
Fish need protein, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately few foods contain all or enough of these essential nutrients. Therefore, the best way to ensure all their nutritional prerequisites are met is to give them a varied diet.
Proper Fish Nutrition For Aquarium Success
Try new types of foods to enhance your fishes’ quality of life. Offer food items that closely represent what fish eat in the wild to help ensure healthy, vibrant aquarium fish.
Proper Selection and Care of New Fish
Avoid common mistakes that result in unnecessary fish loss. Make smart choices and ensure aquarium success by learning how to select healthy aquarium fish. Before you buy new fish, consider the following.
Quarantine Tanks, the importance of
Quarantine tanks should be used by all members of the aquarium hobby when introducing new fish to a tank, but are unfortunately used by less than 5% of all aquarium owners.
Quarantine Tanks: Manage Fish & Coral Health
Prevent costly losses by having a quarantine tank ready for any unexpected event. Use quarantine tanks to monitor new aquarium inhabitants before adding them to your main aquarium.
Quarantine Tanks: The Benefit of Aquarium Kits
Hesitation towards having a quarantine tank often stems from not understanding why you need one, and from the thought of having to purchase (and maintain) yet another aquarium.
Saltwater Ich (Cryptocaryon irritans)
Saltwater ich (ick), or "white spot disease" is one of the most common diseases that infect marine fish in home aquariums. It is caused by Cryptocaryon irritans, and is similar to freshwater ich.
Summer Aquarium Care
Regardless of how busy your personal schedule, the health of your aquarium depends upon routine feeding and aquarium maintenance. Here are five easy tips to keep both on track.
Supplement with Liquid Diets
Liquid foods are available in a variety of formulations to suit different species with different feeding habits. When used properly, they offer a convenient supplementary diet for corals and invertebrates.
Tetra Flake Foods for Progressive Fish Nutrition
The ideal flake food diet for aquarium fish provides more than basic nutrition. Tetra developed a line of flake foods that offer flavor and variety without compromising aquarium water quality. Learn why they are the easy way to ensure fish health.
The Dangers of Overfeeding Fish
Overfeeding fish is so easy to do. First, we forget how small they are: our appetites are much bigger than their stomachs! Second, feeding is one of the only ways we can interact with the fish, so we tend to do it too often.
The Importance of Aquarium Vitamins
Fish need vitamins for health just like any animal. An improper or incomplete fish food diet can result in nutrient and vitamin deficiencies and the onset of serious conditions such as stunted or improper growth, a weakened immune system, or death.
The Importance of Nutritional Variety
A varied diet is important to maintain good nutrition and the well-being of your fish. Offer supplementary foods in addition to the "staple" diet for better nutrition and to enrich the diet of your fish with greater tastes and textures.
Understanding Aquarium Fish Nutrition
Proper nutrition is essential for healthy aquarium inhabitants. Achieving good nutrition is more than choosing a food and feeding your fish. When selecting food for your fish, consider the dietary needs of all your fish.
Water Temperature & Ich Prevention
A sharp drop in water temperature is extremely stressful to fish and can compromise their immune system. Improperly sized heaters may not be able to maintain their set temperature and cause aquarium temperature to fluctuate several degrees per day.
What's That Smoke in My Aquarium?
Newly cycling aquariums struggling to establish efficient biological filtration can appear milky. Learn what you can do to remedy this common water quality issue.


The Dangers of Overfeeding Fish
Prevent a Warm Water Disaster
Proper Fish Diet

Disease Prevention for Healthy Aquarium Fish
Tetra Flake Foods for Progressive Fish Nutrition

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