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Cat Calming Solutions Comparison
Does travel frazzle your cat? Here's our top picks for products to make the miles traveled serene and stress-free.
Cat Carrier Buyer's Guide
Whether for quick jaunts to the veterinarian or expeditions around the world, your pet carrier needs to offer comfort, safety, and security. This helps reduce stress levels and protect your cat while she's on unfamiliar grounds.

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6 Wild Ways to Tantalize Your Indoor Cat
Does your indoor cat get the play she needs? Here's six ways to keep your indoor cat happy and active.
Air Travel With Your Cat
Taking your cat on an airplane? Use our expert tips and advice to help ensure your and your cat's travels are safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.
Care Options When You Can't Take Your Pet With You
There are plenty of options for those of us who must leave our pets for a day or for two weeks. Every year the choices become more numerous. Which alternative is right for your situation?
Checklist for Cat Travels
Heading out on the road with your cat? Use this handy checklist to ensure you've packed everything your cat needs.
Collars, Leads & Harnesses
Want to take your cat outside? Here's our expert guide to collars, harnesses, and leashes that keep kitty safe, but let her enjoy all the outdoors have to offer.
Crate Train Your Kitty
Is your cat afraid of his carrier? Use our expert guide to help train your cat to love his carrier.
Essential Warmth in Cool Weather for Cats
Discover easy ways to keep your cat warm, healthy, and happy when the weather cools.
Feline Travel: Deciding to Take Her Along
To help in the decision making process, keep the following travel options in mind.
How to Find a Cat-Friendly Apartment
Moving? Use these six steps to help you and your cat find the best cat-friendly apartment.
Hypothermia & frostbite - Dangerous, yet avoidable, winter conditions
Discover how hypothermia & frostbite can harm your cat, and learn how to keep her safe from these winter conditions.
Mosquito Control
Is your pet protected against mosquitoes? Find out how to best protect your dog and cat from these disease transmitting insects.
Motion Sickness
Has your cat gotten motion sickness during travel? We have the natural remedies to help.
Nametags: Your Best Insurance
Worried your pet will become lost if let outdoors? Follow the advice of thousands of pet owners and our veterinary staff to help ensure your lost pet will be returned home.
Outdoor Fun for Indoor Cats
Is your cat ready for the outdoors? Here's our recommendations for keeping kitty safe no matter her location.
Should you Microchip your Pet?
All about microchips, including how they work, their importance, how they are put into your pet, and where you can get one for your pet.
Tips for Moving with Your Cat
Moving with your cat? Here's seven proven steps to making the move as stress-free as possible.
Traveling with Your Cat
Do you know how to best prepare your cat for travel? Our feline behaviorists and veterinary staff weigh in on the things you need to travel with your cat.
Why Keeping Your Cat Indoors is Preferred
Does your indoor kitty want to play outside? Use this guide to help determine if your cat is ready for outdoor activity.

Frostbite on Cats
Heatstroke (Hyperthermia)
Restraint While Traveling
Steps to Take if Your Cat is Lost
Travel & Outdoors
Cat Calming Solutions Comparison
Outdoor Fun for Indoor Cats
Air Travel With Your Cat
Travel & Outdoors
Hypothermia & frostbite - Dangerous, yet avoidable, winter conditions
Essential Warmth in Cool Weather for Cats

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