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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Open expanded article descriptions
Cat Feeding and Storage of Pet Food FAQs
Cat Food: Senior Cats FAQs
Cat Food: Weight Control FAQs
Cat Nutrition Requirements FAQs
Feeding Drs. Foster & Smith Foods for Special Conditions FAQs
Giving Supplements Along With
Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Foods FAQs
Hairball Formula Cat Food FAQs
Nutrients in Pet Foods FAQs
Premium Healthy Cat Foods: Easily Feed Optimal Nutrition
Understanding Pet Food Labels and AAFCO FAQs

PRODUCT COMPARISONS Open expanded article descriptions
Guaranteed Analysis Comparison Chart for
Drs. Foster & Smith Cat Foods

GENERAL INFORMATION Close expanded article descriptions
Cat Food Fat: Calculating Dry Matter Basis
To get a true picture of the amount of fat in your cat's canned cat food, learn to calculate it based on dry matter.
Cat Grass
Want to improve your cat's digestive health? Use these cat-favorite treats.
Cat Waterers: Keep Your Cat Hydrated
Is your cat drinking enough fresh water? Here's a simple way to help keep your cat hydrated.
Enzymes - How They Boost Cat Digestion
Are enzymatic supplements to improve feline digestion right for your cat? Find out now.
Gluten-Free Cat Foods Overview
Gluten-free cat foods enable easy, nutritionally complete, and satisfying meals with no gluten-related troubles.
Grain-Free Cat Food: Important Considerations
Learn about grain-free diets, which pets can benefit from a grain-free diet, and how they are different and similar to traditional diets.
Healthy Cat Treats
Looking to turn snack time into an adventure for your cat? Use these helpful tips.
Helpful guidelines for selecting dry cat food vs. wet cat food
Learn the advantages of dry & wet cat foods to best choose the style that helps maximize your cat's health & happiness.
How to Repair Your Cat's Skin & Coat Damage
Your cat's skin can be damaged in a variety of ways. In fact, veterinarians see a cat more often for skin disorders than those of any other organ. Use these tips to help protect your cat.
Limited Ingredient Diets & Adverse Food Reactions
Learn the definition of a limited ingredient diet and which cats might gain from being fed one.
Nutrition for Every Life Stage
Is your kitten or cat getting the nutrition she needs for a healthy life? Find out now.
Pet Foods, How to Switch
Make sure you introduce new food slowly, or your pet could suffer from stomach upset, vomiting, excess gas, constipation, or diarrhea.
Raw Cat Food Overview
Discover how dehydrated & freeze-dried cat foods simplify raw feeding with complete recipes and hassle-free preparation.
Raw Cat Food Selection Guide
With the growing number of brand-name raw cat foods available, it's important to know how to make the healthiest choice for your cat, as well as what your options are.
Raw Cat Food Storage Tips
Enjoy all the benefits of a raw food diet while also being mindful of steps you can take to ensure the best health of your pet and family.
The Philosophy That Shaped our Pet Food Formulas
Find out the philosophy behind our pet food formulas and why they're so good for your dog.
Tips to Keep Your Cat Lean and Healthy
Is your cat more than 20% over his ideal body weight? If so, use these helpful tips to help keep your kitty lean and healthy.
Understanding Organic Dog & Cat Foods
The word 'organic' seems to be around every corner these days, including the aisles of your local pet food store. Understanding what 'organic' really means can help you become a more informed pet parent.
Understanding Prescription Foods for Dogs & Cats
Prescription foods are therapeutic diets that have been formulated to help manage or treat specific medical conditions in cats and dogs. These diets must be fed under the guidance and supervision of your veterinarian.
What to Avoid Feeding Your Cat
Do you know which common household items are poisonous to your cat? Familiarize yourself with the following items to help keep your cat safe.

KITTEN'S FIRST DAY Close expanded article descriptions
Feeding Kittens and Pregnant/Nursing Cats FAQs
Do you know the best ways to feed young kittens and their mother cat? This FAQ outlines feline nutrition guidelines.

KITTEN'S FIRST WEEK Open expanded article descriptions
How to Choose the Best Food for Your Cat

Calcium & Phosphorous
Copper Requirements in Cats
Essential Minerals
Fat Soluble Vitamins: A - D - E & K in Cats
Iodine Requirements in Cats
Iron Requirements in Cats
Magnesium Requirements
Manganese Requirements in Cats
Potassium Requirements in Cats
Selenium Requirements in Cats
Sodium & Chloride Requirements
Vitamin Supplements
Water Soluble Vitamins - Vitamin C & Vitamin B Complex in Cats
Zinc Requirements in Cats
Cat Nutrition
Cat Grass
Pet Foods, How to Switch
Raw Cat Food Selection Guide
Cat Nutrition
Helpful guidelines for selecting dry cat food vs. wet cat food
Raw Cat Food Storage Tips

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