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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Close expanded article descriptions
Exercise Pen & Kennel FAQs
Frequently asked questions about exercise pens and kennels.
Metal Cage FAQs
Dogs are instinctively den animals who prefer a space of their own. When used appropriately, cages are beneficial and calming - a great solution to giving your dog a private, quiet space.
Pet Door FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Doors
Pet Gate FAQs
Pet gates, made of steel, plastic, or wood, help you keep your dog out of trouble by restricting his access to specific rooms/areas or confining him to acceptable surroundings.
Plastic Crate FAQs
The choice between a crate or a cage often depends largely on the amount and kind of traveling you plan to do, as well as simple personal preference.
Room & Surface Barrier FAQs
Rooms and surfaces can have gates or barriers to let your pets know these areas are "off limits." Frequent questions are answered to help you decide which is best for your situation.

PRODUCT COMPARISONS Close expanded article descriptions
Dog Cage Comparison Chart
Wire dog cages are a must for your pet to have a place of his own or simply for containment or travel. Compare products with this helpful comparison chart.
Dog Crate Comparison Chart
Dog kennels and crates for travel, airline, or general use are compared in this helpful comparison chart.
Dog Crate Overview: Wire or Plastic?
A wire cage or plastic crate provides a sense of security - a refuge where your dog can go whenever he needs to get away from the high activity level of your home or just wants some peace and quiet.
Pet Containment Selection Guide
As every pet owner knows, certain times and situations require that you safely contain your pet. Choosing the right product for your pet and your needs helps ensure your pet's safety and well-being when contained.
Pet Door Comparison Chart
Compare dog and cat pet door sizes, seals, and locking functions with this helpful comparison chart.
Pet Door Considerations
Pet doors open a new world of freedom for both you and your pet. You'll no longer have to play doorman for your dog every time he needs to go out.
Pet Gate Comparison Chart
Compare our selection of pet gates to determine the right one for you.

GENERAL INFORMATION Open expanded article descriptions
Benefits of Exercise Pens
Dog Cages and Crates: Training Your Pet for the Crate
Dog Cages and Crates: Why do Pets Need One?
How to Install a Pet Door
Keys to Proper Containment
Pet Gates: Safe Haven and Much More
The Benefits of Pet Doors

Indoor Containment for Dogs
Dog Crate Overview: Wire or Plastic?
Exercise Pen & Kennel FAQs
Pet Door Comparison Chart
Indoor Containment for Dogs
Dog Cages and Crates: Training Your Pet for the Crate
Dog Cages and Crates: Why do Pets Need One?

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