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When it comes to filling your pet's prescriptions online, you have to be careful whom you trust. Unfortunately, many myths exist about internet pharmacies. Doctors Foster and Smith’s Pet Pharmacy operates a brick and mortar pharmacy with an online presence. Below, we hope to dispel some myths you may have about internet pharmacies.

MYTH Internet pharmacies aren't "real" pharmacies.
FACT We can’t speak for others, but we can assure you that Doctors Foster and Smith Pet Pharmacy is a very real, fully licensed pharmacy, accredited by Vet-Vipps, located in Rhinelander, WI. While most of the veterinarians and clients we serve are located throughout the U.S., we do have many local customers who come in to our pharmacy to pick up their pet’s prescriptions in person.
MYTH Internet pharmacies don’t have licensed pharmacists working for them.
FACT At Doctors Foster and Smith we currently have full-time licensed pharmacists, veterinarians, certified pharmacy technicians, and a certified veterinary technician.
MYTH Internet pharmacies aren’t licensed nationwide.
FACT Doctors Foster and Smith Pet Pharmacy is licensed nationwide. To maintain our licensure, we must follow all federal and state pharmacy laws. In order to send prescription medications to residents in states other than Wisconsin, we must hold licensure in all states that require it. In most cases, this means applying for a license as an out-of-state pharmacy, but some states also require that a staff pharmacist travel there, pass that state’s pharmacy exam, and be interviewed by the State Board of Pharmacy. We have fulfilled all of these requirements in order to be licensed nationwide.
MYTH Internet pharmacies don’t get their medications from trusted sources.
FACT We receive all our medications either directly from manufacturers or from U.S. licensed pharmaceutical distributors. Each of these sources must follow the parameters set forth by both the State Board of Pharmacy of the state in which they are located and the federal laws of the U.S. government regarding the procurement, storage, and distribution of pharmaceuticals. (We only purchase our medications from authorized United States manufacturers/distributors.)
MYTH All pharmacies are the same.
FACT Our pharmacy staff is committed to upholding the veterinarian-client-patient relationship. This means that we will only dispense medications once we have in our possession a valid prescription authorized by a licensed veterinarian.

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