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FAQs on dog shampoos and conditioners

Why do I need to shampoo my dog?
There are several reasons a dog may need to be shampooed. The most obvious is that he has rolled in something and smells. You should also bathe pets with a yeast infection of the skin, dandruff, allergies, external parasites, or other skin conditions that benefit from a cleansing or soothing bath using an appropriate shampoo.
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Can I use my shampoo on my pet?
Always use a shampoo formulated for dogs. Human shampoos have a different pH level and often use harsher detergents than pet shampoos. You can do more damage than good if you use a human shampoo on pets.
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At what age can I begin to shampoo my dog?
You should be able to bathe your puppy as soon as you get him home. However, first let him settle down and get accustomed to his surroundings before bathing him. Be sure to use a shampoo that is specially formulated for use with puppies, such as Drs. Foster & Smith Advanced Formula Puppy Shampoo.
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My pet's skin is sensitive, and he reacts very easily to detergents. Can I still shampoo him?
If your pet is super-sensitive and reacts easily to detergents and fragrances, a milder shampoo formula such as our Advanced Formula Unscented Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo, is recommended. The oat protein moisturizes and Vitamins A and E promote healthy skin. The formula contains no perfumes or dyes that can cause irritation. This shampoo contains gentler ingredients and can be used frequently.
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If my pet has dry skin, which shampoo is best for him?
When a pet suffers, from dry, flaky, or itchy skin, a shampoo with natural moisturizers is best. Use an oatmeal-based formula for gentle cleansing and moisturizing.
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My pet scratches incessantly from allergies. Is there a shampoo that can help?
You can temporarily relieve the itch associated with allergies with our Itch Stop Shampoo, formulated with hydrocortisone and lidocaine for itch and inflammation relief.
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Should I use conditioner on my dog after shampooing?
A dog-formulated conditioner contains detanglers that make it easier for you to brush out your pet after bathing. It also provides conditioning agents that soften the coat and add shine, without weighing the coat down with excessive oils. Drs. Foster & Smith Premier System® Conditioner is the favorite of many groomers.
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My pet doesn't like water, how can I keep him clean?
Dry and waterless shampoos are available for use on pets that do not like water. They are applied to the coat and either brushed through or massaged into a lather and wiped off. These shampoos help, but they are not as effective as a wet bath.
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