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Heat Sources for Terrariums: Compare

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
FAQs: Heating 
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The Importance of UV Lighting for Reptiles 
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Temperature is one of the most important and critical elements involved in herp healthcare. Proper heating can be the difference between life and death of your pet reptile. With so many different choices in reptile heating, choosing the proper equipment can quickly become overwhelming. The following heating equipment chart will help you select the ideal heating equipment for you and your reptile.

Equipment Type Name Description
Heat Bulbs Day Zoo Med Halogen Brings out natural, vibrant colors. Emits 15% more heat, light, and UVA output than standard basking spot lamps.
Active UV Heat Bulbs Solar glow bulbs make life-changing differences in captive reptiles. Increases appetite, activity, breeding, and color. Provides UV lighting necessary to maintain Vitamin D3. Projects beneficial UVA and UVB energy one to six feet, not mere inches like other bulbs. Screws into a standard socket. Available in flood light or spotlight bulbs.
Repti Basking Spot Lamps A clear basking spot bulb that lets reptiles regulate their own temperature by accessing the light and heat of the "sun." Double reflector provides vital UVA for better activity, health, and breeding. Great for tropical and desert species.
Daylight Blue Reptile Bulbs Daylight Blue Reptile Bulbs create an excellent source of daylight heat, as well as the UVA needed to stimulate normal feeding behavior for reptiles and amphibians. The uncoated blue glass supplies better heat transfer. Try them with ReptiSun 5.0 UVB fluorescents for proper calcium absorption.
Reptile Bright Lights Closely replicates the light and heat of reptiles' natural environment. The UVA it emits provides reptiles with added psychological benefits, and the rare earth neodymium coating enhances natural coloration.
Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamps Red bulb creates a 24-hour heat source with very little visible light. It's perfect for nocturnal reptiles and also provides a dark period for diurnal animals to sleep.
Equipment Type Name Description
Fixtures for Heat Bulbs Hood Slider Reptile Hood The best lighting choice for your pets. Adjustable mounting brackets let you slide the hood open for quick access, as well as slide it back into a secure "No-Lift" closed position for easier maintenance. Each "Slider" accommodates 2-3 heat emitters or spot bulbs mounted vertically in high temperature porcelain sockets and one T-8 or T-12 fluorescent bulb (bulbs not included). Independent switches and two cords (one for the fluorescent bulb, the other for the incandescents and internal outlet) allow use with individual timers to suit your specific heating and lighting needs.
Reflector T-Rex Dome Style Heat & Light Reptile Reflector T-Rex Reflection Lighting is designed for continuous use. Fixtures have heavy-duty switches and are insulated to prevent overheating.
Clamp Clamp Lamp All lamps accept both regular and ceramic heat emitting lamps and safety clamps easily attach to the rims of most terrariums. Varying diameters, all have metal reflector, 6-foot cord, spring-loaded swivel head clamps, and are rated from 75 - 250 watts. Polarized, UL-listed, and have convenient on/off switches.
Equipment Type Name Description
Cobra Heat Mat Produces the uniform, evenly distributed warmth reptiles and amphibians require by mimicking the gentle heat of the sun. The mat remains at a steady 100ºF, emanating warmth to animals sitting on top or underneath the mat while the air temperature remains low, just like in nature. The most widely used vivarium heaters in the world. Available in four sizes.
Rheostat Repti Temp Rheostat For precise, fingertip control of heat mats, lamps, or foggers. Two sizes, 150W and 500W. Each has a standard plug-in and a two-port outlet for use with up to 2 devices.
Thermometers Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • Thermometer measures from 0-120ºF (from -20 to 50ºC), displaying temperatures in easy-to-understand colored zones.
  • Hygrometer accurately reads the water vapor saturation in the air, with a scale from 0 to 100%. Self-adhesive backing included on each.
Liquid Crystal Thermometer An extended upper range thermometer for heat-loving reptiles. Range: 68ºF to 107ºF (20ºC to 42ºC). Horizontally-oriented for easy reading - yellow bar against black background displays temperature. Slim profile, self-adhesive design.
Zoo Med Deluxe Analog Thermometer Records the highest and lowest temperatures during a 24-hour cycle. Great for reptile rooms and terrariums where temperature is critical. Can be used indoors and out.
Precision Analog Thermometer & Humidity Gauge For precise monitoring of temperature and humidity.
  • Precision Analog Thermometer accurately monitors temperature in terrariums and small animal cages. Extreme range from -20º to 140ºF (-28º to 60ºC).
  • Precision Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge accurately measures both temperature and humidity. Thermometer range 20º to 140ºF (-6º to 60ºC), humidity scale 0 to 100%.

Please keep the following in mind when shopping for your reptile heat source: Hot rocks are not recommended heat sources for reptiles as they do not increase the surrounding temperature, but may provide dangerously localized heat on a reptile and cause accidental burns. Since natural temperature requirements vary widely from species to species, remember to research your pet's particular needs.

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