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One of the most beloved of pedigreed cats, the Himalayan was originally the result of hybridization. According to the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA), the first step of creating the Himalayan-Persian breed was to cross a Siamese with a Persian. Years of careful breeding brought the Himalayan-Persian where it is today. However, it is this particular breed's gentle kindness and loyal compassion that has placed it in the hearts of cat fanciers the world over.

Interesting Breed Facts:
HISTORY: In the United Kingdom, the Himalayan-Persian was recognized in 1955 as a "Longhaired Colorpoint." The CFA recognized the Himalayan standard as a separate breed in 1957. The Himalayan standard was identical to the Persian standard, but breed standard rules at that time stated that breeders show three generations of pure Himalayan breeding in order to be eligible for competition. By the late 1960s, breeders were becoming less like Persians and more like a colorpointed longhair. In the 1970s, to keep the Himalayan to the standard, breeders started to outcross Himalayans to Persians regularly. By the mid-1980s, the Himalayan became an official part of the Persian division.

HimalayanPHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Clear color and subtle shading with a definite contrast between body color and point color. The points, consisting of ears, legs, feet, tail, and mask, show the basic color of the cat. Colors allowed include chocolate, seal, lilac, blue, flame, tortie, cream, blue-cream and lynx-points. The lynx points have striped or tabby points which separate them from other colorpoints.

TEMPERAMENT: Himalayans are one of the world's gentlest and most affectionate cat breeds. Though all enjoy bouts of play, almost every Himalayan relishes quiet time with his or her owner. Himalayans can be wary of strangers and will hide if scared. However, most are quite trusting and will readily accept a new human friend's lap to sit on once his or her acquaintance is made.

PREFERENCES: Due to their affectionate nature, most Himalayans prefer a lot of lap time, intermingled with play and affection.

BEST FEATURE: Most people agree that the best feature of Himalayans are their gentleness and long-haired beauty. But those who've had the opportunity to befriend one of these affectionate cats often say that the breed's best feature is their beautiful voice.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE TO OWNERS: Tangled - and uncomfortable - haircoat. Therefore, daily brushing is essential. In some cases, eye discharge may be a problem, but it is usually easy to wipe away with products such as our Eye Clens® Pads.


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