Customer Service: Using Live Help
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Customer Service: Using Live Help

Live Help is a real time "chat" feature which enables you to interact with a customer service representative without a phone call.

Live Help is available 7 days a week:

    8 am - 7 pm CST
Use Live Help Now >
If Live Help is not available, please feel free to contact us anytime by phone or email.

Using Live Help

  1. Click the "Use Live Help" link above or the link on the footer of any page on our website. A Live Help window will pop-up on your screen.
    Note: your browser must have JavaScript enabled.

  2. Enter your first and last name, your email address, and select a category and type your question or comment.
    Live Help Example Screen Shot

  3. Click Submit to send your message to us. After a few seconds, the following dialog window appears when an agent receives your question and your online conversation begins.
    Screen Shot of Live Help Message Window

  4. Type your text in the text box at the bottom of the window, and click Send each time you wish to converse.

  5. Close the chat window by clicking the Disconnect button when you are through with your conversation.

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8 am - 7 pm CST
7 days a week

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7 days a week