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ZooMax Macaw Pet Toy

7 results

Go-Nuts Toys

As low as $11.99
Refillable foraging toy made of durable vegetable leather and cottonPlace delicious treats like peanuts or almonds insideEntice your bird into challenging activity that rewards and prevents boredom The perfect cage companion for birds that like to forage treats and untie knots. This toy's thick leather patches are laced together with leather and cotton strips. Your bird will use the holes ...
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Rings Game

As low as $21.99
Bird toy trains your bird to manipulate objects with colors and numbersStrengthens you and your bird's bond through fun, interactive playCombines with Teach Box & Bank and Colored Cubes to progressively train Teach your bird to manipulate objects based on colors and numbers. Professional bird toy system includes four, vibrantly colored sets of six acrylic discs. Each disc easily slides ...
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Topaze Activity Center

As low as $18.99
Wooden block toy ideal for large birdsThick wood pieces are vegetable-dyed for safetyLasts long, even for heavy chewers Hefty bird toy satisfies heavy chewers and big beaks - at a great price. Bright-colored wood pieces are extra thick and vegetable dyed for bird safety. Built with three thick strands of toy pieces, each strand dangling from a single wooden bar. ...
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Chunky Bird Toy

As low as $10.99
Giant wood blocks and paper rope deliver chew-time bliss for large birds Birds love to perch upon and shred the paper rope Replaceable paper rope lets you insert small treats for foraging fun Mega climbing opportunities abound on this chunky wooden and paper-rope bird toy. The thick wooden blocks are vegetable dyed to provide safe, durable climbing, perching and chewing ...
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Theophile Activity Center

As low as $10.39
Wooden block toy ideal for large birdsThick wood pieces are vegetable dyed for safetyLasts long, even for heavy chewersOne of our most solid wooden bird toys, ideal for larger birds with active beaks. Each piece is approximately 1-1/2" thick and 6" wide - stacked top to bottom for extra durability and longevity. Challenge your bird to twist the pieces to ...
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Shred-X Alpine Paper Rope Bird Toy for Amazons & Macaws

As low as $14.99
Paper rope toy provides endless shredding & preening adventure Blast boredom with a stimulating combo of shapes, colors, & textures Hide foraging treats in the twistable paper rope for added fun! Provide your Amazon or macaw plenty of boredom-busting fun with this HUGE paper rope hanging bird toy. Shred, preen, pick, play the day away! For added adventure, you can ...
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Cactus Bird Toy Activity Center

As low as $39.99
Towering 44" toy boasts wood blocks, paper rope and plastic beads Replaceable paper rope delivers chew-time bliss to large birds The ideal activity center for birds that love to forage and chew No prickly spikes deter your bird from this "cactus" - just plenty of wood blocks for climbing and paper rope for shredding. The thick wooden blocks are vegetable ...
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