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6 results

Mardi Gras Wiffle Ball Bird Toys

As low as $7.49
Give your bird a toy that entertains for hours! Wiffle ball hanging toy features tons of fun textures and colors to explore for curious birds of all sizes. Woven ball, grass and rope knots, and paper-wrapped wooden blocks fill your birds' senses with delight. Plus, tuck your birds' favorite treats inside the wiffle ball opening to create your own custom ...
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Paradise Mardi Gras Bird Toy

As low as $4.99
Make every day a celebration when you hang a fun Mardi Gras toy in your bird's cage. A colorful array of shreddable paper-wrapped dowels entices birds to exercise their curiosity, and the supreme cotton knots are perfect for preening apart. Tuck treats inside the paper wrappers to boost the fun and encourage healthy foraging behavior! Sizes available from parakeets or ...
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Orka Spool with String Cat Toy

As low as $2.29
Catnip-infused cat toy energizes kitty's play sessions String "tail" provides a prey-like challenge & won't unravel Rubber spool bounces erratically to keep cats chasing & pouncing Cats are lured in by this toy's irresistible catnip scent, but they become hooked by its unpredictable bounce. With one swat, this rubber spool bounces erratically to keep your cat guessing (and exercising). You ...
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String & Burl Bundles

As low as $7.99
All-natural shreddable palm leaf hanging bird toy Encourages natural preening instincts Help alleviate cage boredom and unwanted behaviors Your bird will enjoy shredding and tearing this hanging bird toy completely apart. Bunches of wrapped palm leaf "sticks" are bunched together by a woven palm leaf wrap. 100% shreddable, all-natural toy is hand-made with dried palm leaves to ensure preening ...
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Polly Wanna Bird Toys

As low as $5.99
Stimulating bird toys made from varied natural materials Perfect for birds to chew, shred or destroy Hanging bird toys entice play with fun shapes and textures Awaken bird senses with stimulating natural foraging toys. Fetch-It Pets Polly Wanna Bird Toys are specially designed to entice play with a wild array of varied textures and shapes. Woven palm strips, wooden beads, ...
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Snuggle Rings for Birds

As low as $14.99
Offer your bird a comfortable shelter within his cage where he can snuggle and hide and still see what's going on around him. These snuggle rings surround your bird in comfort as they enrich his cage with activities like preening, picking, pulling, and chewing. Made of cotton rope wrapped around sturdy, heavy gauge wire, the rope is frayed just right ...
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