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Wooden Playstands
7 results

Round Parrot Playstand

As low as $129.99
Simple, yet entertaining pet bird playstand keeps your floors cleaner. High lip on stand helps contain your bird's messes so you have to clean less. Sturdy stand features full-support ring to enhance the stability of the playpen. Easy-roll casters means the stand can be effortlessly moved from room to room or from inside to outside. 3/4" hardwood perch and three ...
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Cockatiel/Small Parrot Playstand

As low as $99.99
Multi-level metal Cockatiel/Small Parrot playstand is sure to help alleviate boredom and help reduce bad behavior. A variety of ladders, perches, and toy/treat hooks will entertain your bird. With both metal and wooden perches, your bird will also have a variety of textures to explore as well. The toy hook at the top gives you an ideal place to hang ...
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Parrot Playground

As low as $49.99
Customizable wooden playstand for an ever-changing activity centerHelps prevent boredom by keeping your bird activeBuilt sturdy especially for large birds Customizable wooden playstand makes playtime fun and interesting. Hang your bird's favorite toys or add new ones to create an ever-changing activity center that stimulates body and mind. Features easy-clean washable laminate base. Made from ...
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Pyramid Play Gym

As low as $109.99
Large wooden playstands offer medium to large birds the most climb, perch and play fun. Handcrafted hardwood construction is oversized, chew-resistant, and kiln-dried with carefully sanded components. Finely ribbed PVC perches and ladder rungs offer your bird a better grip, while laminated base makes cleaning easy. Boasts four side climbing ladders, large top perch, plastic climbing chain, ...
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Big Steps for Medium Birds

As low as $24.99
Wooden tabletop playstand includes food and water bowls, bird toy, perches, and more Easy-to-clean laminate base keeps bird messes off your floor Helps prevent boredom by keeping your bird active Tabletop playstand offers an inexpensive way to give your pet bird playtime and exercise outside of the cage. Larger features make this wooden playstand ideal for medium size birds like ...
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Acrobird Playground

As low as $44.99
Out-of-cage entertainment center for medium sized parrots Portable wooden activity playstand keeps birds mentally and physically fit Playground is great for birds with extra energy or for lavishing extra attention Lively out-of-cage sessions keep cage birds happy, physically fit, and are the perfect interactive pastime for agile and inquisitive birds. Wooden Acrobird Playground is a portable ...
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Prevue Pop-Up Park

As low as $34.99
Play area sets up quickly and stores away neatly Full of color, it features a variety of interactive elements Built into its own convenient storage case for portability Every activity your bird enjoys all in one place with room-to-room portability. Birds need family time to interact with you, so why not carry the Pop-Up Park to the different places your ...
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