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Wood Decor

8 results

Ceramic Wood Decor

As low as $39.99
Wood replica aquarium ornaments appear as if reclaimed from natureRealistic décor for natural aquarium ambience without harmful paintGive nocturnal aquarium fish darkened hideaways for daytime refuge Recreate the look of sunken root and branch structures without unwanted effects. Molded ceramic replicas of tree branches and stumps look so real, you'll think they've been reclaimed from a ...
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Fluval® Ship Pulley Decoration

As low as $13.99
An intriguing, decorative addition to any freshwater or saltwater aquarium Poly-resin ornament enhances your aquascape, provides refuge for aquarium inhabitants Richly detailed Ship Pulley aquarium decoration looks great from any angle Inspired by the rugged remains of long-ago shipwrecks, the Ship Pulley Decoration makes an intriguing addition to any freshwater or saltwater aquarium. Durable ...
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Yup! Ship's Wheel Aquarium Ornament

As low as $8.79
Solid resin replica of a ship's steering wheel for aquarium decoration Instantly add character and personality to aquarium landscape design Wonderful decorative piece for creating a nautical-theme aquarium Complete your nautical-themed aquarium landscape design with an impressive ship's wheel. Yup! Ship's Wheel Aquarium Ornament boasts solid resin construction with highly detailed features ...
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Smooth Bark Tree and Stump Ornaments

As low as $10.99
Realistic aquarium décor can be enjoyed from multiple angles Smooth bark tree and stump offer shelter for aquarium inhabitants Poly-resin aquarium decorations will not alter water parameters Create a flooded rainforest biotope with these detailed aquarium replicas. O.S.I. Marine Smooth Bark Tree and Tree Stump Ornaments simplify habitat creation while enhancing aquarium aesthetics. Ridges, ...
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Wood Corner Shelf

As low as $5.99
Space-saving multipurpose wooden corner shelf for bird cages Handy cage accessory great for birds to perch, play or sleep on Use as an extra spot to hang bird toys to enrich bird environment Easy add-on enriches bird environment for under $10! Wood Corner Shelf is an affordable avian accessory boasting multiple space-saving uses. A single Wood Corner Shelf does the ...
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Home Run Foraging Basket

As low as $9.99
Foraging toy offers 10 different natural materials, textures, and shapes to give your bird tons of shredding fun! Birds climb, chew, swing, shred, crunch, and climb some more on this colorful, enticing hanging toy Tempting toy eases bird boredom and helps keep his senses sharp; add food or treats to basket for an extra foraging reward Batter up! This enriching ...
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Triple Play Foraging Basket

As low as $12.99
Foraging toy offers a multitude of natural materials, textures, and shapes to give your bird tons of shredding fun! Place bits of food and treats in foraging baskets for your bird to discover for an ultimate reward! Enticing toy keeps birds senses sharp and prevents birdie boredom It's a triple delight for your bird - three layers of durable, hand-woven ...
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Party Chimes

As low as $3.99
Two levels spin and turn Multiple textures keep birds intrigued Colored with vegetable based dye Watch your small bird pull and preen the paper streamers, pick at the plastic beads, and peck and chew the wood slats. Made with pine, vine, paper, and steel. Place small nuts or seeds in the wicker ball for your small bird to forage. Dangles ...
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