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Wood Beads Colorful Toy

Grass Ball Foot Toy

As low as $2.99
Give your bird a foot toy he can really get into chewing! Multiple bird-favorite textures include tightly-woven straw, colorful wood beads/blocks, and sisal to satisfy your bird's instinctual need to chew. All your bird needs to do is grasp it in his foot and chew away. Giving your pet foot toys promotes needed exercise, both mental and physical as well ...
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Avian Specialties Beads Galore Block Buster Bird Toy

As low as $24.99
Boredom-busting toy offers pet birds a chewing challenge with large, solid wood beads and blocks. Avian Specialties Beads Galore Block Buster Bird Toy delivers over a meter of non-stop chewing fun with colorful pine wood pieces and braided sisal rope. Versatile hanging bird toy keep pet birds mentally and physically active with multiple play options whether your bird loves to ...
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As low as $33.99
Hanging wooden bird toy for Conures to Amazons Generous assortment of wooden toy pieces and cotton rope for hours of bird fun Hanging bird toy offers engaging activities to alleviate bird boredom like screaming and feather picking Dangling curtain of toys keep caged birds occupied. Colorful wood blocks and natural wood pieces are strung together with sisal and cotton rope ...
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Super Bird Foot Toys

As low as $3.99
Reward your bird at playtime with beak-pleasing foot toys Stimulating toys, ideal chew-and-destroy toy for larger birds Festive bird foot toy with colorful wood, leather strips, and more Tongue Teaser features colorful wood shapes, a knotted leather strip, a pod cup, and a plastic pacifier. Tootsy Roll has paper core tubes, rolled-up corrugated craft paper, wood beads, and leather strips. ...
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Foraging Dowel

As low as $1.99
Offer your bird a perfect toy to grasp in his claws as he forages, preens, or chews at tempting textures. Wooden dowel has holes in which to stash small treats, paper rope wound round and round to preen, and colorful wood beads to chew. Giving your pet foot toys promotes needed exercise, both mental and physical, as well as foot ...
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Super Firecracker

As low as $16.99
Provide bigger birds with durable, chewable, explosive fun! Stuffed with plenty of paper shreds to pull out & preen Made of all-natural seagrass, palm fiber, paper donuts & more! What's more exciting than fireworks? Give your large bird a big bang when you reward him with boredom-busting Firecracker chew toys from Super Bird Creations. Cylindrical bird toy perches made from ...
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Whirly Bird

As low as $4.99
The perfect chew toy for small to medium hookbills like parakeets and conures. Wood sticks clack against wooden beads as your bird pecks and chews and shiny bell at the bottom attracts and dings merrily when moved, adding to your bird's entertainment. Birds can chew, climb, or peck at colorful components, and heavy-wire construction makes it easy to hang at ...
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Small Bird Dangling Flower and Dangly Bear

As low as $5.99
Smaller toys are definitely not small on entertainment. These enticing, hanging bird toys have textures, bright colors, and sounds smaller birds like best, sized right! Hang wood and cotton toys anywhere in your small bird's cage and watch him go at it with relish. Observe your pet bird climb up and have a ball gnawing and chewing at the colorful ...
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Hippie Beads

As low as $47.99
Hanging beaded curtain of wooden toy pieces for Macaw parrotsLoaded with colorful wooden beads for fun bird activitiesHanging bird toy engages birds and alleviates bird boredom Colorful curtain of wooden bead pieces help prevent bored caged birds. Wood beads and blocks are strung together with cotton rope to create layers of chewing, climbing, and exploring fun. Parrots will be actively ...
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