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Wild Bird Cake
4 results

Bushy Tail Squirrel Cake

As low as $6.99
Gives squirrels an energy boost without depleting your wild bird feeders Made with squirrel-favorite ingredients bound with gelatin Keeps your yard cleaner; solid shape means no messy seed scatter Feed squirrels year-round with little waste or ground mess. The energy-boosting ingredients are fused in a solid block for platform feeding, or place on the ground to feed a variety of ...
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Suet Plus Blend Cakes

As low as $1.99
Suet blends PLUS treats birds adore - sunflower, peanuts, berries, or tree nuts Energy-packed suet cakes attract woodpeckers, nuthatches, & other cling feeders Mess-free suet packaging keeps your hands clean when refilling Give your backyard visitors more of the ingredients they adore - in easy-serve, drop-in feeder suet cakes. For mesh suet feeders. Each flavor contains a blend of beef ...
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Mega Seed Cakes

As low as $9.99
Extra-large seed cake fits perfectly in the Mega Suet Feeder and reduces the amount of seed cage refills Offer cling-feeding wild bird feeders a delicious, low-waste food source Attracts woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, and more Refill your feeder less often and give wild birds a long-lasting source of energy. Gigantic seed cakes can be used with a Ground or Platform Feeder ...
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Gingerbread Men Seed Cakes

As low as $7.39
Solid birdseed ornaments are a great gift for wild bird lovers in your life Transform any outdoor tree into a festive Christmas tree Attract birds with red millet, sunflower hearts, & canola Remember your feathered friends this Christmas with delectable wild bird treats. Simply hang these solid mixed seed ornaments on outdoor trees for birds to enjoy, or use as ...
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