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Versatile Small Pet Toy
5 results

Naturals Coco & Bamboo Toy

As low as $6.99
Enrich small pet environment with natural materials. Naturals Coco & Bamboo Toy for Small Pets is a versatile hanging toy made with crunchy coconut shell and bamboo and soft, shreddable coconut fiber and banana stem rope. Assortment of natural textures adds welcomed variety. Active small pets will discover exciting alternate play options including climbing and swinging for added mental and ...
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Buffet Ball

As low as $4.89
Promote exercise and foraging instincts! Clear roll-around ball engages your active small pet's mind and body. With a little creativity, the Buffet Ball can be a different toy every day - simply fill with small pet treats or hay, and then place on the floor of cages, habitats, or any flat surface where your small pet is allowed to play. ...
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Tootsy Roll Toy for Small Pets

As low as $3.99
Chew, shred, nibble, flip or toss - play options are limited only by your small pet's imagination. Tootsy Roll Toy for small pets is a versatile toy that accommodates the play preference of assorted small pet species. Brightly colored paper core tubes, rolled-up corrugated craft paper, wood beads and leather strips offer pet mice and rats a variety of fun ...
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Tricky Treat Ball

As low as $10.99
Soft vinyl treat-dispensing dog toy slows down eating in dogs that gulp Dog toy encourages active, quiet play that rewards your pet Easy-grab surface makes this dog treat toy fun to carry around If your dog tends to gulp the treats you give him, slow him down with a challenging Tricky Treat Ball Toy. This soft vinyl, treat-dispensing toy can ...
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Kaytee Tropical Fiddlesticks

As low as $5.99
Versatile natural wood small pet toys offer chewable playtime funBendable design lets you create a tunnel, wall, staircase, and moreSafe, vegetable-based dyes are perfect for any pet to gnaw or chew Colorful logs that bend and shape into a small animal hideout. Tropical Fiddlesticks twist, turn, or bend into multiple fun shapes for critters to chew on, hide inside, and ...
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