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Ul Listed Heaters
6 results

Hydor ETH In-Line Heaters

As low as $49.99
Prevents temperature variations caused by poor water circulation Precise, accurate temperature setting Indicator light shows when unit is "ON" Double insulated and double sealed The first compact aquarium heater that operates externally, saving interior aquarium space. Installs vertically in the return line of a canister filter or sump, allowing better heat distribution as water returns to ...
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Tetra Submersible Heaters

As low as $11.99
Submersible heaters for aquariums up to 30 gallons Pre-set electronic thermostat automatically maintains aquarium temperature Fully submersible, easy to conceal aquarium heater Perfect for smaller aquariums, this submersible heater requires no adjustments. The electronic thermostat automatically maintains the water temperature at 78 degreeF (+/-2 degree). Reduces the risk of overheating, ...
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Hydor Theo Heater

As low as $24.99
Patented heating element automatically turns off if water level declines Easy temperature adjustment - knob clicks at every degree change Submersible heater with shatterproof glass resists breakage Patented heating film and special shatterproof glass make this submersible heater virtually unbreakable. Theo switches itself off if the heater is not fully submersed - avoiding overheating and ...
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Marineland Precision Submersible Heater

As low as $22.99
Enjoy safe, reliable heater performance for stable aquarium water temperatures. Marineland Precision Submersible Heater features a thermal safety switch to prevent heater failure during operation. Heater turns off automatically when temperature exceeds pre-set internal parameters and turns back on once it cools down. Perfect for freshwater or marine aquariums. UL Listed Marineland Precision ...
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Zoo Med ReptiTherm® Under Tank Heaters

As low as $12.99
Under tank heaters help maintain a stable and comfortable environment for your reptileHelps offer a natural temperature gradientInexpensive, low-wattage heating element costs only pennies a day to operate ReptiTherm® Under Tank Heaters economically heat the inside of your glass terrarium to a minimum of 5-10 degrees warmer than the room. Economical heaters use a solid state nichrome heating ...
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TetraFauna Aquatic Reptile Heater

As low as $17.99
Submersible 100 watt reptile heater for up to 30 gallon terrariums Heater is encased in a high-impact plastic cage to keep your pet safe Versatile design with suction cup mounts and an 8 ft long power cord Warm the terrarium water of your aquatic reptile with this submersible heater. Compact, low-profile, 100 watt heater boasts a protective, high-impact plastic housing ...
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