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Twist Lock Feeder
5 results

Pacific Bird Mealworm Feeder

As low as $22.95
When filled with high-protein dried mealworms, the galvanized steel Pacific Bird Mealworm Feeder is designed to attract insect eaters you wouldn't normally see at your seed feeders, such as bluebirds, orioles, woodpeckers, cardinals, and more. You'll be amazed by the bird activity in your backyard!. With 72 ports, this versatile feeder is the perfect addition to serve up a menu ...
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Pacific Bird 3-in-1 Feeder

As low as $33.95
Pacific Bird's 3-in-1 Feeder is the perfect addition to your birding buffet! With the ability to serve up a menu of mealworms , seed , fruit pieces, peanuts , and suet balls , you will be amazed by the wide-ranging bird activity you'll see in your backyard. Divided into three sections, the top is a wide gauge mesh feeder, the ...
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Biltmore Seed Feeder

As low as $39.99
Large capacity hopper/tube feeder holds 3.4 quarts Large roof overhang protects seed and birds from inclement weather Twist-off roof design and larger inner opening simplify filling Lantern-style hopper feeder makes a statement of style every bit as much as it attracts a variety of backyard birds. Biltmore is ideal for garden entrances and focal points in your backyard landscaping. ...
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Acorn Screen Feeder

As low as $29.99
The roof of this attractive bird feeder looks like the cap of an acorn, adding artistic whimsy to backyard feeding stations. Durable, all-steel feeder boasts a seed tube with ports and perches to attract both clinging and perching birds. Wide roof helps keep out rain and basin includes drain holes for fresher seed. Ideal for sunflower nutmeats , finch seed ...
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Tails Up Upside Down Thistle Tube Feeder

As low as $17.99
Inverted perch and seed port design caters to agile finches onlyPrevent larger birds from eating seeds offered to songbirdsMarvel at avian acrobatics as wild birds eat from this tube feeder Target-feed beautiful finches to enjoy song and lively acrobatics. Tails Up Upside Down Thistle Tube Feeder employs a clever, inverted perch and seed port design that caters to the feeding ...
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