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Tropical Parakeet Pet Toy
4 results

Tropical Teasers Tiki Hut Bird Toy

As low as $5.99
Fun, multipurpose activity toy made with coconut shells for pet birds Multiple play options keep pet birds mentally and physically active Coconut fibers satisfy your pet bird's natural urge to pluck and preen Natural coconut shells adorned with cotton rope, plastic beads, solid wood pieces and coconut fibers take your pet bird to his own island paradise. Tropical Teasers Tiki ...
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Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy

As low as $11.99
Hanging bird toy allows your bird to play, climb, preen, and forage Easy-grip outcroppings on foraging toy for birds makes it easy to stay steady Place seeds in random parts of outcrops for your bird to forage on this hanging toy Tropical pleasures await your bird when you hang this pineapple toy in his cage. Made of tightly constructed palm ...
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Tiki Chew

As low as $4.99
Delightful all-natural hanging bird toy inspired by the tropicsGreat shreddable, chewable toy for parakeets and small birds End boredom with mental and physical activity for cage birds Wacky Tiki Chew sends cooped up birds on a tropical "stay-cation." This delightful toy for parakeets and small birds is the perfect remedy for birdie boredom. Multiple play options from swinging, climbing, ...
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Forage Tiki Hut

As low as $12.99
Challenging cage bird foraging toy inspired by tropical Tiki hutsBirds get physical and metal activity as they forage for fun toysContains no toxic chemicals that can harm or irritate cage birds Tempting Tiki hut treasures entertain bored birds with stimulating activity. Living World Nature's Treasure Forage Tiki Hut is handmade with care to ensure safe bird entertainment. Colorful bamboo ...
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