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Treat Dispensing Interactive Toys

Chase 'n Chomp Suction Cup Toys

As low as $3.99
Stick one of these unique, suction-cup dog toys onto the floor, a wall, or a pet crate to provide tugging, chewing, and treat-retrieving fun. These durable toys attach to any clean, flat surface and include openings into which you can place small treats or peanut butter. Gives dogs hours of chewing fun and gum massage while offering a reward for ...
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Starmark Tough Dog Toys

As low as $12.99
Encourage probing, positive play with these flinging, flying, and floating dog toys. Dogs play multiple ways with these virtually indestructible toys. Place a few treats or kibble inside the unique openings, and set your dog loose for hours of treat-seeking fun. At mealtime, these are great for slowing down dogs that gulp kibble. You can also use them as a ...
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Kong Satellite Dog Toy

As low as $8.99
Slow down your dog's eating of kibble or small rewards by using a treat dispenser like Kong Satellite. This unique treat-dispensing dog toy features a unique shape that your dog must tumble and spin in order to randomly release the treats you've placed inside. Simply place your dog's dry kibble or small rewards (not included) into the holes in this ...
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Kong Wobbler Dog Toy

As low as $13.49
This treat-dispensing dog toy spins, rolls, and wobbles its way into your pet's playtime fun. The unpredictable action of the toy keeps the toy interesting, even for seasoned users. An excellent alternative to the traditional food bowl, The Wobbler can be used to dispense dry kibble at mealtime to extend feeding time and prevent unhealthy gulping. Or use it anytime ...
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Tetraflex Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

As low as $10.99
Kibble and treat dispenser turns mealtime into playtime Can help slow down pets that gobble kibble from a traditional pet bowl The ideal way to encourage play, which helps reduce anxiety and boredom Treat-dispensing Tetraflex dispenses a variety of treats or kibble for dog playtime bliss. Use it in place of a food bowl at mealtime to keep your dog ...
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Tricky Treat Ball

As low as $6.99
Soft vinyl treat-dispensing dog toy slows down eating in dogs that gulp Dog toy encourages active, quiet play that rewards your pet Easy-grab surface makes this dog treat toy fun to carry around If your dog tends to gulp the treats you give him, slow him down with a challenging Tricky Treat Ball Toy. This soft vinyl, treat-dispensing toy can ...
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