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Tetra High Protein Foods

5 results

TetraCichlid Jumbo Sticks

As low as $31.99
Nutritious high-protein food for carnivorous aquarium fishLarge, floating pellet food fortified with vitamins and nutrientsContains premium ingredients to enhance fish color and growth Scientifically formulated high-protein food for carnivorous aquarium fish. Nutritionally balanced floating sticks contain meaty ingredients and natural attractants to ensure acceptance as a convenient ...
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Tetra Veggie Flakes

As low as $10.99
Vitamin fortified spirulina flake food for aquarium fishSupplement the diet of herbivorous fish with nutritious spirulinaNutritional benefits of vegetables in a convenient flake food form The extra vegetable matter in this food keeps aquarium live-bearers, algae-eating Cichlids, and other plant-eating fish in peak condition. Great for goldfish, too. Nutritionally balanced, high protein food ...
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TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes

As low as $4.99
Premium tropical fish food with added natural shrimp flakes Shrimp flakes boost staple diet nutrition with flavor and aroma Tropical flakes with ProCare blend support fish immune health The world's favorite tropical aquarium fish food with an added boost of flavor! TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes is a premium staple food that includes the fish-attracting flavor and aroma of added shrimp. ...
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Tetra Pond Flake Fish Food

As low as $4.13
Flaked fish food delivers premium daily nutrition for small pond fish High protein daily diet also helps enhance goldfish & koi coloration Easily digested diet supports immune health and will not cloud pond water Easy-feed flakes make a perfect primary meal for small pond fish such as goldfish and small koi. TetraPond Flake Fish Food is an ideal daily maintenance ...
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TetraFin® Plus Goldfish Flakes

As low as $3.99
Premium goldfish nutrition with added spirulina algae flakes Extra vegetable matter help keep goldfish in peak condition High digestibility flakes for less waste and cleaner goldfish tanks More vegetable matter means optimal nutrition for healthy goldfish. TetraFin Plus Goldfish Flakes formulated with the addition of vegetable flakes deliver the natural benefits of spirulina algae. Premium ...
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