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Tetra Fish Supplies

8 results

Whisper Air Pumps

As low as $7.19
Unique air pump design means virtually silent operation Oxygenates your aquatic terrarium and great for air-driven devices Sound-dampening walls house suspended air pump motor Patented dome shape and sound-dampening chambers mean virtually silent operation. Improved design, with suspended pump motor and rubber feet, eliminates vibrations while thick walls insulate motor noise. Helps maintain ...
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Tetra Pond Flake Fish Food

As low as $4.59
Flaked fish food delivers premium daily nutrition for small pond fish High protein daily diet also helps enhance goldfish & koi coloration Easily digested diet supports immune health and will not cloud pond water Easy-feed flakes make a perfect primary meal for small pond fish such as goldfish and small koi. TetraPond Flake Fish Food is an ideal daily maintenance ...
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Tetra Pond Cylinder Pre-Filter

As low as $11.99
Cylinder pump pre-filter for submersible pond pumpsPrevent impeller damage and reduce pump stress and wearHelp extend the life of your TetraPond Water Garden Pump Easy upgrade prolongs pond pump life. The TetraPond Cylinder Pre-Filter is the easy-to-install solution to dramatically reduce pump damage due to debris. Stop sand, gravel, twigs or any foreign matter from damaging pump impeller or ...
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Whisper Bio-Foam Kit

As low as $2.99
Add-on biological filter cartridge for Tetra Whisper Power Filters Enhance biological filtration to boost aquarium water quality Simple biological filter upgrade ideal for heavily stocked aquariums Bio-Foam provides an extreme amount of surface area for optimal biological filtration. Kits fit Tetra Whisper Power Filters models 30, 40 and 60. Each includes foam and a plastic frame. For best ...
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Tetra Pond Debris Handling Pump

As low as $189.99
High performance pond pump with rugged debris handling impeller Large protective pump cage minimizes blockage and maintenance Rugged debris handling impeller can pass debris up to 1/4" for reliable clog-free performance Clean your pond, not your pump! Rugged debris handling impeller can pass debris up to 1/4" for reliable clog-free performance. Large protective pump cage minimizes blockage ...
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Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump

As low as $61.99
Magnetic drive pumps for versatile water garden applicationsReliable pond pump performance at a budget-friendly priceUse to drive pond filters, water fountains, waterfalls and more Enjoy professional pump performance without a professional price tag. From the trusted name in pond keeping, Tetra Pond introduces the new Water Garden Pump for do-it-yourself home pond owners. Use this versatile, ...
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Whisper Bio-Bags

As low as $8.99
Convenient all-in-one bag/frame unit ensures exceptional mechanical and biological filtration Completes the Whisper Power Filter package for a clean, easy-maintenance aquarium Refill with carbon of your choice Disposable, easy-to-use Thick n' Fluffy™ filter bags provide exceptional mechanical filtration as they effectively trap unhealthy particulate matter. Bags fit snugly around the patented ...
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Tetra Statuary Pump SP 140 for Statuary Fountains

As low as $15.99
Submersible 140 gph magnetic drive pump for statuary fountains UL-listed pump suitable for indoor or outdoor water features Energy-efficient adjustable flow pump at a great competitive price Enjoy more savings with this feature-loaded energy-efficient pump. Tetra Statuary Pump SP 140 for Statuary Fountains is a true value with its competitive price point and low operating cost. ...
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