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Tetra Bio Filter
5 results

Whisper In Tank Filters

As low as $18.99
Space-saving, powerful in-tank filters 3-stage filtration performance and quiet operation Mounts easily and discreetly inside your aquarium Space-saving design enables the samequality and performance as externalfilters without the noise. WhisperIn-Tank Filters offer 3-stage filtrationperformance and quiet operation.Mount discreetly inside your aquariumfor clean, clear water and the ...
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Tetra Whisper Power Filters

As low as $19.99
Easy-to-use 3-stage power filters for clean, clear aquarium water Reliable filter performance loaded with convenient features Provides efficient mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration Whisper Power Filters are the best-selling brand of power filters in the U.S. Appropriate for every size aquarium, they provide the three types of filtration that your aquarium needs: Biological, ...
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Whisper EX Power Filter

As low as $14.99
Multi-stage aquarium power filters with convenient new featuresInnovative design simplifies aquarium filter start-up and maintenanceOne-of-a-kind carbon filter carrier allows no-touch, drip-free filter change Redesigned power filters simplify maintenance and improve aquarium water quality. Multi-stage filters boast innovative new features including an external motor assembly for engineered ...
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TetraPond Waterfall Filter

As low as $64.99
Boost biological filtration in ponds up to 1,000 gallons with a beautiful waterfall. This budget-friendly unit does double duty as an attractive waterfall feature and an efficient biological filter. Unfiltered pond water is directed up and through the included mechanical filter mat and into the bio-media chamber for improved water clarity and quality. In addition to mechanical and biological ...
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Tetra Pond Bio-Active Pressure Filter

As low as $39.99
Easy-to-maintain pressure filter for ponds and water gardens Open profile media maintains efficient pond biological filtration Simple backflush feature keeps filter performing in peak condition Enjoy cleaner, healthier ponds and water gardens with less effort. The improved TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filters employ advanced bio-active media that resists clogging, even after extended periods ...
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