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T 8 Aquarium Lighting
5 results

Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Light Bulbs

As low as $8.99
18000 degreeK bulbs enhance blue, red, and orange pigments to bring out the full beauty of your aquarium inhabitants. The Aqua-GLO T8 linear fluorescent aquarium bulb generates an ideal fish colour-enhancing spectrum and delivers a strong photosynthetic range of light very capable of stimulating vigorous plant growth. This normal output bulb has a colour temperature of 18000K and fits all ...
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Zoo Med Reef Sun Fluorescent Bulbs

As low as $10.99
Standard T-8 (1" dia) lamp for fluorescent aquarium light fixtures Illuminates aquariums with 6500K daylight & 420nm actinic light Supports photosynthetic corals while enhancing aquarium views WattsLengthDiameter1518"T-81724"T-82536"T-83248"T-8 Reef Sun fluorescent lamps feature a 50/50 combination of 6500°K trichromatic daylight phosphor and actinic 420 phosphor. The result is ...
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Coralife 50/50 Lamps

As low as $14.99
Full-spectrum lamps enhance color and clarity in freshwater, marine, and reef aquariums. Lamp phosphors are 50% 6000 degreeK natural daylight and 50% Actinic 03 blue. Watts Length Diameter 15 18" T-8 17 24" T-8 25 36" T-8 32 48" T-8 Please click on "More Information" for spectrum graph. Tips from our Techs The Blue or Actinic spectrum element in combination ...
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Coralife Actinic Blue Lamps

As low as $13.99
Standard T-8 (1" dia) lamp for fluorescent aquarium light fixtures Actinic lamp illuminates aquariums with softer shades of blue light Compatible with aquarium light fixture with electronic or magnetic ballasts Coralife Actinic Blue Lamps emulate the softer shades of blue light found at dawn, dusk, and in deeper water. Spectral peak at 420 nanometers promotes photosynthesis and causes corals ...
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Life-Glo 2 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

As low as $15.99
The Life-GLO T8 linear fluorescent aquarium bulb is a premium, full-spectrum light that delivers an intense and balanced natural white light, closely mimicking daylight and producing accurate colour rendering. Penetrates deep into aquariums, meeting the needs of fish and stimulating plant photosynthesis. It is ideal for planted fresh and saltwater aquariums. This fluorescent bulb features a ...
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