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Submersible Mechanical Pond Filters
5 results

Lifegard Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters

As low as $51.08
Create custom filtration specific to your pond or water garden needs. Lifegard Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters are highly customizable submersible pond filters with an easy to expand design. Use with any make pump or the recommended Quiet One Pump to power your custom pond filtration system. Great for ponds, water gardens, or fountains. Lifegard Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters ...
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EasyPro Eco-Series Tempo Submersible Pond Filter

As low as $11.99
Video coming soon Heavy-duty submersible biological and mechanical pond filter Submersible pond filter boasts extreme ease of installation Great way to create a waterfall feature without a skimmer filter Create a gorgeous waterfall feature with minimal effort. The EasyPro Eco-Series Tempo Submersible Pond Filter is the sensible and easy-to-install alternative to skimmer filters. Filter unit ...
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PowerFlo Max Underwater Filter

As low as $14.99
Underwater pond filter for mechanical and biological filtration PowerFlo Max filter boasts easy installation and maintenance Use as a fountain pre-filter or part of a complete pond filtration system Keep pond water pristine with a Laguna PowerFlo Underwater Filter. With its powerful mechanical filtration system, the PowerFlo efficiently eliminates dirt and floating debris. What sets it apart ...
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Aquascape® Container Garden Filter

As low as $19.98
Extremely energy efficient filter with mag drive motor is easy to maintain. Use for circulation or to run a variety of ornaments or accessories. The Aquascape Container Water Garden Filter is a complete solution for small to medium-size container water gardens or any containers with stagnant or non-moving water, including birdbaths, or water containers holding specimen pond plants like lotus ...
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Tetra Pond Cylinder Pre-Filter

As low as $4.99
Cylinder pump pre-filter for submersible pond pumpsPrevent impeller damage and reduce pump stress and wearHelp extend the life of your TetraPond Water Garden Pump Easy upgrade prolongs pond pump life. The TetraPond Cylinder Pre-Filter is the easy-to-install solution to dramatically reduce pump damage due to debris. Stop sand, gravel, twigs or any foreign matter from damaging pump impeller or ...
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