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Sturdy Durable Toy
5 results

Scratch 'n Post

As low as $14.99
Offer safe scratching for kitty with minimal pocketbook pinching for you. When his scratching urges go into overdrive, let him scratch, relieve boredom, or play vigorously on one of these economical yet durable scratching posts. A great way to spare your furniture! Scratch 'n Post is wrapped with 3/8" thick jute, one of a cat's favorite scratching surfaces. A jingly, ...
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Claw Tuff Punch Ball for Cats

As low as $4.49
Your cat has double the fun when he plays with this double-featured toy. First, your cat appreciates the scratchable, carpeted base. Then he'll bat at the toy-on-a spring that sticks enticingly out of the top. Base is constructed of 1" thick, durable plywood and stain-resistant carpet. Spring is metal, and toy at top is plush stuffed with polyfil and treated ...
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Snuggle Rings for Birds

As low as $17.99
Offer your bird a comfortable shelter within his cage where he can snuggle and hide and still see what's going on around him. These snuggle rings surround your bird in comfort as they enrich his cage with activities like preening, picking, pulling, and chewing. Made of cotton rope wrapped around sturdy, heavy gauge wire, the rope is frayed just right ...
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Lightweight Portable Cat Toy Chest

As low as $19.99
Collapsible design of this tote means space-saving storage when not in use Lightweight design of toy chest makes it a great travel tote, too Features adorable fabric exterior with two double-stitched handles Every cat owner needs a corner to store her pet's toys and goodies. This durable toy chest lends some organization and tidiness to that corner. The chest holds ...
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Angle Scratcher for Cats

As low as $12.79
Save your home furnishings with this catnip-treated scratcher Made with stain-resistant carpet and a sisal scratch surface USA-made scratcher entertains cats and conditions claws Prevent your cat from scratching on vertical furniture or other household surfaces by giving her a scratcher of her own. The Angle Scratcher is made of durable, stain-resistant carpeting with a sisal scratch surface ...
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