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Stimulating Kitty Pet Toy
8 results

Cat Fishbowl Cat Toy

As low as $6.99
Wobbly, won't-tip-over, weighted cat toy requires your cat to fish for her meals and treats The Cat Fishbowl Cat Toy offers a stimulating, rewarding play experience Great for feeding meals and encouraging activity - especially for overweight cats Make mealtime and treat-time a fun "fishing trip" for your favorite feline. Fill the Cat Fishbowl Cat Toy with kitty's kibble or ...
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Star Chaser Cat Toy

As low as $17.99
Stimulate your cat with lights, catnip, ball and scratching - all in one toy Replaceable scratch surface ensures toy lasts and lasts Helps stimulate your cat to play and exercise Illuminated cat toy thrills with lights, catnip, and the interactive play your cat craves. Your cat's pawing action sets the lighted ball in motion around the track. Corrugated center delivers ...
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Kong Hugga Wubba for Cats

As low as $3.99
Soft fleece prey toys bring out kitty's desire to hunt and stalk Inner premium catnip makes this Kong toy even more alluring Unique tails make a crackle sound that rewards every bat and pounce Kong Cat Hugga Wubba makes the perfect target for hind paw kicking and appeals to your cat's instinctive desire to stalk prey. Cat Wubba toys feature ...
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Bumpin' and Groovin' Cat Toy

As low as $2.69
Watch your kitty chase, paw, and hunt these adorable, colorful mice for fantastic exercise and hours of playful fun. Rattle inside triggers the instinct you love to see and keeps your cat going after these pudgy mouse shapes to pounce and chase. Stuffed mice feature fabrics with nubs, corduroy, or other textures that cats love. Colorful, fun toys stimulate the ...
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FroliCat™ Bolt and Dart Laser Cat Toys

As low as $26.99
Send kitty on a wild chase to catch a bouncing laser dot Random, fluid patterns emitted from these toys keep cats on the move Prevent boredom while exercising your pet's mind and body Unleash your kitty's inner tiger with the unpredictable "prey" emitted from these innovative toys. Battery-operated toys entice cats to bat, paw, pounce, and flip over the random ...
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Orka Spool with String Cat Toy

As low as $2.29
Catnip-infused cat toy energizes kitty's play sessions String "tail" provides a prey-like challenge & won't unravel Rubber spool bounces erratically to keep cats chasing & pouncing Cats are lured in by this toy's irresistible catnip scent, but they become hooked by its unpredictable bounce. With one swat, this rubber spool bounces erratically to keep your cat guessing (and exercising). You ...
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Flying Fun Interactive Cat Toy

As low as $15.99
From the comfort of your easy chair, lure your cat into hot pursuit of fluttering, flying prey. Use Flying Fun's hand-held remote to bring this bug jar to life. Remote activation launches the life-like butterflies inside the jar into flight while also sending your cat into back flips trying to catch them. Colorful butterflies whirl, whiz, and fly around, but ...
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Kong Snake Teaser Cat Toy

As low as $5.99
Irresistible rattle, natural feathers, and premium catnip aroma bring your cat to her feet chasing this toy. The Kong Snake Teaser triggers kitty's natural predatory instincts, getting her off the sofa and into active exercise. The interactive play is entertaining for both of you and strengthens your bond while curbing your cat's boredom. Polyester plush cat toy measures approximately 57" ...
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