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Stimulating Cats Toys
6 results

Catit Senses Activity Toys

As low as $49.99
Create a senses-stimulating activity center ideal for prey-seeking cats Cat toys boast scratch surface, massage center, catnip aroma and more Cat toys let cats scratch, rub and mark their territory Create a feline activity center that engages all kitty's prey-hunting senses. The Play Circuit track boasts a peek-a-boo enclosure that lets cats see, chase and swat a specially-designed ball. ...
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FroliCat™ Bolt and Dart Laser Cat Toys

As low as $17.99
Unleash your kitty's inner tiger with the unpredictable "prey" emitted from these innovative toys. Battery-operated toys entice cats to bat, paw, pounce, and flip over the random laser dot movement. Set Bolt on the floor, table or other flat surface and play one of two ways. Use the automatic setting, in which the motor generates the laser's movement. Or, shine ...
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Petstages Feather Teasers

As low as $4.99
Encourage enticing, interactive fun for you and kitty. Irresistible feathers and pompons give these toys the prey-like motion and attraction sure to lure cats off the sofa for beneficial play and exercise. Hours of fun for both of you! Pounce 'n Play features a nylon cord you can pull back and forth through a hollow plastic wand. Pull on the ...
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Cat Fishbowl Cat Toy

As low as $6.99
Make mealtime and treat-time a fun "fishing trip" for your favorite feline. Fill the Cat Fishbowl Cat Toy with kitty's kibble or preferred treats and let the fishing begin! The Cat Fishbowl Cat Toy challenges your cat to a stimulating, rewarding play experience, as she works to remove the tasty morsels from inside the wobbly, won't-tip-over bowl. Made from durable ...
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Lamb Snow Ball for Cats

As low as $3.99
Snowball-shaped toy offers inner rattle sound Real feathers drive your cat wild with batting, swatting fun Catnip infused to encourage kitty's natural play instincts Prey-loving cats everywhere love the soft feathers, catnip-infused body and taunting rattle of this ball toy. Lamb Snow Ball features a wooly polyester plush exterior, inner ball with rattle, and a teasing feather tail to drive ...
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Peek-A-Prize Toy Box

As low as $1.99
Toy box ideal for cats that love to hunt and seek Two cat toys included - refill with any of kitty's favorite toys Durable toy box lasts and looks great for years Tantalize your cat's instinct to hunt! Toys peek out, but can your cat free the prize? Stimulating and challenging, this interactive puzzle box keeps your cat mentally active. ...
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