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Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder
6 results

Snack Shack Squirrel Resistant Feeder

As low as $34.99
Snack Shack Squirrel Resistant Feeder features spring-loaded perches that close off the seed ports to unwanted visitors. This squirrel-proof hopper lets you set the springs to the tension level you desire - less tension closes them with less weight, to keep off larger birds and squirrels. Increase the tension, and some of the larger birds can dine, but still no ...
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Mini Squirrel Buster Feeder

As low as $24.95
Patented squirrelproof technology protects birdseed from red and gray squirrelsVentilation system allows hot, humid air to escape to help keep seed freshSquirrel-resistant feeder accommodates perching and clinging birds Feed birds and eliminate pesky squirrels from accessing seed. Metal mesh feeder effectively stops thieving red and gray squirrels from accessing birdseed without causing them ...
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Sky Café Feeder

As low as $54.99
Unique steeple-like dome keeps squirrels out and bird seeds safe. The secret is the steep pitch-squirrels simply slide off no matter how hard they try. Large capacity, hopper-style bird feeder minimizes interval between feedings so you spend more time watching beautiful wild birds feed and less time refilling. Durable clear Plexiglas feeder gives you a full view of your visitors ...
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Super Feeder w/6-ft Aluminum Pole

As low as $59.99
High-capacity, triple tube feeder lets you offer both nyjer and mixed seed Hang OR pole mount - includes both an aluminum pole AND hanging adaptor Large, 16" diameter squirrel baffle keeps pesky squirrels out of the seed ports Rotating lid with spout makes it easy to fill each of the three chambers So many features, you'll quickly see why this ...
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No/No Finch Tube Feeder

As low as $29.99
Gravity-defying seed baffles distribute evenly among 3 chambers - feeds more finches at one time No/No Finch Tube Feeder is designed for Nyjer and attracts/feeds multiple finches Durable, all-metal construction has a powder-coat finish that lasts for years Fill this No/No Finch Tube Feeder with finch-favorite thistle seed to attract a variety of entertaining wild birds to your backyard. ...
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Chalet Deluxe Hopper Feeder

As low as $24.99
Double-sided steel birdfeeder resists chewing and feeds more birds at one time Unique architectural styling featuring a cupola roof Features no-waste seed-saver baffle and squirrel-resistant top Hopper feeder's architectural styling features securely locking top to prevent squirrel access. Also features seed-saver baffle for less mess and refilling, heavy-duty hook for hanging, and ...
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