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Square Pet Toy
8 results

Leather Toy Pieces

As low as $7.99
Chewy leather pieces make great additions to any small pet toy. Leather Toy Pieces for Small Pets offer a novel new texture for small pets that enjoy a chewing challenge. Pet-safe vegetable leather is made using tannin and other vegetable matter rather than harsh chemicals. Thick leather pieces and strips are smooth on one side and suede on the other ...
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Shred-X Pepita Paper Rope Bird Toy

As low as $8.99
Provide your conure or Amazon plenty of boredom-busting fun with this unique paper rope hanging bird toy. Shred, preen, pick, play the day away! For added adventure, you can even unwrap portions of the paper rope and hide foraging treats inside. Made of colorful wood pegs, squares and rectangle cutouts, and a unique twisted paper rope that is tough as ...
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Mini Cluster Square Balls

As low as $2.99
Big fun for smaller birds! Cluster of woven palm leaf "squares" provides hours of preening, picking, shredding fun. Help reduce boredom-related behaviors with this colorful hanging bird cage toy. Plenty of interwoven knots and folds to untangle over time. All-natural, handmade, earth-friendly bird favorite! Includes rope-hanging loop. 4" x 2". For parakeets or smaller birds. Please click ...
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Groovy Blocks

As low as $4.99
Wooden grooved blocks offer great footing and chewing pleasure Stash veggies, fruits, or your bird's favorite snacks inside the grooves of these wood blocks Square blocks are colored with fun nontoxic, bird-safe, vegetable-based dyes Groovy Blocks are not only great to give your bird the footing he needs, but they're also an excellent foraging piece. Hide slices of carrot, pepper, ...
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Seagrass Foraging Wall by Super Bird Creations

As low as $14.99
This toy offers a grid made of seagrass, allowing birds to climb and chew their way to the attached toys. Seagrass is fun and safe to chew, as are the myriad of toy textures and shapes found on this toy. Includes pod cups and plastic wheels, in which you can insert seeds or treats to satisfy your bird's foraging desires. ...
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Shreddable Cubes for Birds

As low as $3.99
Tantalizing bundles of shredded paper within these cubes offer a boredom-busting, hide-and-seek challenge. Each cube features two round openings from which your bird can pluck out the paper. The paper boxes can be opened and closed, so you can even tuck your own treats and toys inside as enticing rewards. Cubes provide hours of interactive, foraging fun that just may ...
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Zoo-Max Fun Box

As low as $8.79
This bright white square cardboard box attracts your bird to its many delights. Stuff your bird's favorite treats inside and let him forage them out. Thick cardboard is a great texture for chewing and pecking. Crinkled paper strands stuffed inside add to the excitement. Colorful wood stars and plastic shapes attached with paper rope are chewing favorites. Studies have shown ...
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Soft-Flex Bumpy Ball Dog Toy

As low as $5.89
Dog ball toys made of heavy-duty, flexible vinyl plastic Features plastic bumps that cause erratic bounces during fetch Squeaks with every squeeze to entice play and boost interaction Keep your pooch on the chase with these fun dog fetch ball toys. Heavy-duty, nontoxic vinyl plastic balls boast a bumpy, textured surface that eases, yet excites, play. Square and triangular nubs ...
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